Monday, July 8, 2013

Next Stop; The United States of America

Next stop; The United States of America.

I am more than ready to come home for a spell. I want to see my favorite things, people, and taste the foods that I enjoy. I want to drive on street in which laws are obeyed, courtesy is given, and embrace things that are normal to me. I can't wait to hear the American accents; ya'll, finna, 'posta, and OK. I want to look efficiency and organization square in the eye and say thank you.

I want a beef burger, golden crispy fries, skies without haze, and the riches of my suburban life.

I can't wait to attend blogger events, cuddle with the elite, rub elbows with the riches.

(oh wee).

Though expensive, I'm going to see my American doctor who listens to me, understands what I'm saying, and offers paths to wellness.

I want to shake hands with men and know that it's just a handshake or sit next to them at social events. I will attend a wedding that will have both men and women in attendance.

Going to my favorite salons in DC and Atlanta will excite me more than ever. I may even participate in Manicure Monday.

Most of all, I want to plant my feet on the soil that has been good to me. I am grateful to a mother that provided a lifestyle that many dream of and strive to have. I'm happy to have only known a life in the suburbs away from crime, misgivings, and despair.

I am who I am; that's Reginia the American.

See you soon my love.

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Hope to see you when you are here!!!

Yay nothing like being home for a while

Girl...your words ring so true! It seems like we are on a similar travel schedule. I'm headed back to the states for a few weeks soon too!

Yaw aka ya'll is in my speech daily. lol. We look forward to having you back. :)

Safe travels back this way! Hang in there. (:

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