Thursday, July 4, 2013

My America is Great!

After living abroad almost one year, I've come to realize that my America is great. It affords opportunities unimaginable to others. I have liberties to speak and dream in the manner that I wish, I can chose or not chose my love, higher education is available as with clean drinking water, checks and balances, free public education, freedom of religion, and all of the graces between. America is not without flaw and has ample room for improvement but my America is great and there's no other place on Earth that I want to call home.

See you soon.

Happy Independence Day sisters, friends, lovers, and others....

Tags: "Happy 4th" "Independence Day" "4th of July" "July 4, 2013"


you got that right all countries have problems and no one will be 100% happy but America gets it right....sometimes. Hope you had a great 4th

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