Monday, July 1, 2013

Fashion Accents To Update Your Summer Style

Spend the warmest months of the year in fabulous fashions for every summer affair, whether you're strolling on the beach boardwalk or being romantic on an evening date. After inspecting your closet, do you realize it could use a makeover? If you're without funds for an entire wardrobe overhaul, focus on fashion accents. Accessories can act as small color contrast and provide pops of texture and dimension to any essential summer style, from bold and monochrome prints to pastel floral patterns.
Be fashionably daring this summer with any of these fashionable ideas:

Hair Ornaments

Adorn lengthy locks with a headpiece. Hair crowns are designed in a variety of styles and designs, such as crystals, beading and flowers suitable for a gypsy or summer wedding look. Bejeweled headpieces create that boho glam emulating cultural designs— dazzling beads and jewels woven into a series of chains worn delicately on the head. offers a handmade collection of versatile, Aura headpieces dipped in yellow or rose gold. Mimic the look of Aura, "the Greek mythological goddess of fresh and cool breezes," and radiate with beauty.

Photo by Flickr user Faylyne

Retro Flair

Ditch the contact lenses full-time and change your look completely with a pair of vintage-inspired Warby Parker eyeglasses. Go for a pair of translucent shades or round frames that will stylishly complement your favorite flirty frock or a high-waisted pair of cutoff denim shorts. Have a passion for anything retro? You'll die for a cat-eye silhouette or mirrored shades.

Photo by Wicker Paradise via Flickr

Luxe Locks

Make a fashion statement simply from the neck up. The fishtail braid is one hot plait and keeps you cool by exposing the neck. Master this en-vogue braid by separating your hair into two equal sections. Crisscross the sections outside the opposing section. Then crisscross inside the opposite section. Repeat on the other side, adding small sections to create your herringbone. Color your braid by tying colorful yarn into layers of hair at the root or dying tresses with hair chalk. Dampen your hair and rub those vibrant pastel chalks on your hair for a rainbow ombre look.

Photo by Maegan Tintari via Flickr

Haute Hats

Sun protection is sexy. So you can't bask on the beach and nestle into the sand without a wide-brimmed fedora or trendy panama. A curled brim or floppy hat is chic and protects against the sun’s harmful rays. Whether it’s to the beach or for a patio brunch— messily toss your hair into a hat and look smokin'.

Photo by Mike Monaghan via Flickr

Fun Footwear

Converse sneakers are timeless and versatile and a nice break from our favorite heels. From animal prints and florals to geometric patterns and custom designs, Chuck Taylors complement any outfit. The All Star Stonewashed Sneakers provide that vintage, faded look and Jack Purcell Sneakers carry on the Converse legacy with its classic silhouette and iconic toe. Graphic espadrilles also make fashion footwear statements. Before heading to the pool or beachy dive bar, slip on a pair of espadrilles in French nautical stripes or 80s floral print.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Kris from Seattle, USA

Soak in the sun this summer with subtle style statements. From head to toe, you can make over your entire look with fashionable accents that will certainly turn heads.


I think the fishtail braid is the only thing that would make me grow my hair back. It's fabulous.

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