Monday, June 24, 2013

In the News; Monday's Musings

Events of the past week have been quite newsworthy; Paula Dean casually uses the N-Word and publicly hoped that her staff would behave like Steppin' Fetchit, I enjoyed an extended weekend in Madrid, Full-figured fashion week in New York City, thoughts of re-branding, and the close of one year living abroad.

Let's begin:

Paula Dean - The butter queen knows better than to call someone the N-Word, that's never good for business and branding. However, she felt that "in good fun" her casual use of one of the world's most derogatory and oppressive word was OK. Welp, Food Network felt otherwise. Though many align themselves with the likes of the racist Paula Dean, the world of capitalism knows it's bad business therefore off their roster she went.

Safe move.

What bugs me in addition Paula's actions are a good number of blacks are pouring out loads of sympathy for Paula. It's quite disgusting at the amount of passes given by the doormat simps that accept her behavior because of her age and location. Perhaps because I was raised during the era of "Gangsta Rap" it is ok for me to shoot anyone who pisses me off and steps on my white sneaks; I think not. Thou shall not give a pass to Butter Dean either. Those who accept mediocrity are the weakest link in progression; I have more on that in a few. Either way, Paula will bounce back just like other poorly behaved celebrities.

Madrid, Spain

I had a pleasant extended weekend in Madrid. The weather was nice, my hotel was in the midst of everything, dining, activities, protests, and sight seeing. All stroked my need for a weekend away. There's not much day time bustle in Madrid, so I was able to casually stroll the streets while sipping on a ripe cafe' and enjoying a beauty of it all. Madrid is such a clean city with passionate residents. I didn't engage in any formalities other than a city tour. I opted out of museums and historic what nots because I simply was not there for that, I just wanted to relax uninterrupted.

The time in Madrid helped me to refocus and shed a bit of stress. Between completing my first year abroad in a location that I loathe, having a heart attack, and feeling smothered by nothingness, a change, though brief, in scenery was much needed.


I've tried to baby Her Perfect Black Dress for almost two years now (though I've blogged longer under a different name). The concept didn't quite go as I wanted as I am placed in the fashion/beauty category. Though I like my personal fashion, it's not something that I want to share daily or anything I think people would like. I get tons of emails to host giveaways or sponsored posts about fashion, but it's just not my thing. I'm in the process now of thinking of a name and redesign for what I want to do with blogging. I like news, conversations, reporting, current events; a CNN of the sorts. My blog friend Kita's is where I go daily because it's such a relaxed atmosphere that touches on many things, that's what I want to, a Huffington Post type of deal but commentary by me. It's in the works and I hope to make the transition over the summer.

If you have any references for an excellent designer who can set up the new blog, port from Blogger to Wordpress, and have this site redirect to the new one, send them my way. I want something sleek, modern, and attractive for news and commentary.

Living Abroad

July 4 marks the close of the school year. The students stopped coming at the beginning of June. My first year abroad was a bit disappointing. It was absolutely nothing like I imagined. I'm in a remote location, hours from the city and western amenities. I'm away from socialization and the ability to meet lots of people. My work situation was ok but professionally I didn't absorb much; there were far more withdraws than deposits. At this point in my career, I want to learn, be mentored, be a mentor, and have opportunities for intellectual stimulation. After 15.5 years in the industry, I have the art/craft of teaching and administration nearly perfected. I know SPED, ELL, CCC, and all the acronyms that education has to offer. I want to build upon that. Unfortunately my professional brand expansion has stalled because there isn't access to what I need.

As I mentioned, socialization and mediocrity. There's something about southern people (the ones that I encounter) and the acceptance of mediocrity. It's quite disturbing to think tank dwellers. Many try to color it as "thinking positive" but tap dancing with a noose around your neck is anything but that.

I said that to say, it is my hope that my next few years abroad will provide opportunities to meet new people, see other faces, and associate with those with those who are well traveled and can think beyond the fried pork chops.

On a lighter note:

Full-Figured Fashion Week

Some of my blog boos attended events during New York Fashion Week. I loved seeing the photos from all of the bloggers particularly my Atlanta love Oh Nikka, my mid-west girl Inez of StyleChic360,  Ty of Gorgeous in Grey, and lastly the belles of the ball Chasity of Garner Style and From the Rez to the City.

Inez of StyleChic360

Photo credits for this section belong to the individuals mentioned above.

What's on your plate this Monday?

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Of course I follow you on Instagram and totally live vicariously through you :-) Madrid is on my list of places to visit & I know I'll get there. As far as working abroad, are you allowed to change locations after a certain time period?

Madrid is a cozy city, perfect for getaways.

Yes you can change locations according to the stimulations of the contract or medical need. If you want to leave the country, you can at will.

I love love reading all about your adventures in Madrid and everywhere else you go!
I'm sorry that porfessionally, this year has been a disappointment, but think of all the wonderful things that did happen! Kind of glass half fullish?

Anyway, can't wait to see what you do with rebranding! I'm thinking of kind of sorta rebranding since my life is so much more than being about Pookah's mom.

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