Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day - 2013

A well-deserved and celebrated American Holiday, Father's Day, is Sunday June 16. Father's Day is a day to honor and celebrate the fathers that are near and dear to us. Honoring dear dad is usually done with an external token that connects us to our dads or spreading cheer with some of his favorite things.

For me, this is how I would love to celebrate Father's Day:

  1. Father's Day Cookout. Man oh man can the father's in my life burn on the grill. My step-father David, as well as my Uncles Al and Robert, can turn Kroger Beef to Chef Gourmet. I'd love to have them all together for a cumulative Father's Day Celebration. My dear dad from above would beam with pride.
  2. Father's Day Getaway. OK, yes travel is becoming a common theme around these parts because travel feels so go. Giving dad a weekend away, with mom of course, would say Happy Father's Day like no other.
  3. Gift Basket. Inside would be sports tickets to his favorite professional team, a weekend in the city, and matching sports gear.

I've always steered clear of ties, socks, and undies because that's just too personal and bland. 

Happy Father's Day 2013!

How are you honoring the dads in your life?

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I normally do something personal. I was able to capture a sneak picture of the hubs with the kids one day and I am going to take the photos and do a print canvas to hang on the wall. Something simple and from the heart

Thank you, Regina. I didn't get a chance to attend Ny cookouts yesterday as my daughter and I shared the day together and attended a program at church. But I was fortunate to get a plate of cookout food during the NBA playoffs last night. Lol.

@Don Grilled food is one of my favorites.

Kita, did you have a chance to snap those photos.

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