Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Meatless Monday,

Dear Meatless Monday,

Things between are beginning to get a little shaky. I mean, I search the web hours at a time most day looking for healthy meatless options with a special perk of being gluten free. However, the past few Mondays things have gone south, not Paula Dean south, but more like WTH South. See the above picture should have been a simple masterpiece. I used a product that I've grown to love, mung beans. Then I added my beloved sweet potato to the mix and things just went WTH South. 

See you were' supposed to look like this;

Photo via / recipe found via Purella

I pretty much followed the recipe except the chia seeds and the chickpea flour. I couldn't find it in this oh so remove location and I didn't want to hunt for it in the city, so minus two on the recipe. 

Number 1 - Soaked then boiled mung beans with a few spices.

Number 2 - Wrapped sweet potato in foiled then baked

Number 3 - Pealed sweet potato, sliced, mixed with chopped onion and spices 

Number 4 - Added the mung beans

Number 5 - made patties and baked. Because of my location, gas options are not allowed though people buy gas tanks and cook indoors anyway. No ma'am, not me. So I opted for this little oven in the meantime. I assume the key was the chickpea flour because my patties never really stuck together. I tried to fry them afterwards to make them look like the fabulous picture above, but failure was the only option. Bleh, these are not my friend. I tasted them and they were bitter. So this recipe is a no go for now until I return to the US to get some chickpea flour from Dekalb County Farmer's Market in Atlanta. Oh I love that place.

See you next time on the next episode of Reginia tries Meatless Monday.

PS. I was left high, dry, and hung on this sad little Monday. Boo hoo

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Thank you for this, I just downloaded this whole blog post. I also send it to my girlfriend who is also gluten free!

I love that farmers market it's my home I am going in two weeks to stock up on my meat. Mung beans.....never heard of it but makes no difference I hate all beans lol

@fdiary Living in a carb filled society, it's so hard to remain gluten free but I know that's what best for me.

LOL @ you hating beans. I love them.

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