Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adding a Bit of Summer Spice

Now that schools are out, carpools are completed, and the summer schedules are in full swing, it is time to add a bit of "summer spice" for mom and dad. A parent's schedule is hectic and quite busy during the school year and often times, personal care and relationship maintenance falls by the wayside. Therefore, I am offering 5 easy tips to add summer spice for mom and dad.

1. Summer Getaway - There's nothing more relaxing than time away from the home in a freshly manicured room with touches of luxury and privacy. Getaways can be made to fit any families budget. Sandals' Resorts are exclusive for couples and offer an array of pampering services than will spark romance between mom and dad. If an international destination is quite budget friendly, local hotels offer cozy dinners, premium wine, and plush accommodations.

2. A Dessert Before "Dessert". Sharing sweets with your sweet creates a pleasing palate. Mom and dad can explore a new cafe in the city to enjoy a sweet that isn't on their standard dinner menu. I suggest the rich taste of raspberry cheesecake, a delectable square of chocolate topped with local strawberries, or a cool frozen yogurt can be easily fed to one another. A healthy treat can be fresh berries after a day of picking at a local farm.

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3. Revisit the Past. If you're residing in the city in which you had your first day, revisit the past and engage in the niceties that originally connected you. Take a stroll down memory lane while holding hands, and exchanging shy giggles.

4. Exercise. A healthy body and soul is the anchor for mutual desire. If life has handed a few extra pounds, and a booklet of winkles, that's ok. Mom and dad can combat life's oddities together. Couples exercise can be fun, encouraging, and most definitely romantic. Celebrating the end of a rep with a smooch is a great way to add a bit of spice.

5. Divert from routines. Changing your daily weekend routine of chores, play dates, and committee commitments can do wonders for adding a bit a spice between mom and dad. While the kids are away at soccer practice, take a cruise through the city, run home for a bit of uninterrupted "play" and pretend to be teens again.

A healthy relationship maintains a solid family foundation. Now, call Nana and Papa to let them know the kids are coming over or plan an extended sleepover, away from your house of course - then return the favor, and let the spices sizzle.

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Oh if only it was this easy! Mr and I desperately need some time alone. It looks like it will be a minute! Great tips, I'll be using some of them!

@Mimi Hopefully you guys will get it in this summer. :)

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