Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday; Ode to Atlanta, Georgia

Ode to Atlanta, Georgia

Tags: "Ode to Atlanta, Georgia", "Atlanta, GA" "Atlanta" "Georgia" "Georgia Peach" "Ikea in Atlanta" "Midtown Atlanta" "World of Coke" "Georgia Aquarium" 


Awwww we miss you too lol don't worry it still looks the same and it comes with traffic
*this is Kita btw I don't know why my sons blog shows up as the account*

Oh how I miss my city!! I cannot wait until I get back in August. Thank you for the beautiful pics!


LOL.. after you posted little guy's blog, I figured it was Mom Kita. :) I don't miss the traffic at all.

@Christina - I miss Atlanta too. I hope to get back during the summer.

This just made me miss Atlanta! My parents are there and I love visiting when I can!

@Tia I am set to visit again in July. I can't wait to see my friends and all of my favorite places.

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