Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Travel Tuesday; Financing Your Vacation

My love of travel is steadfast. I enjoy looking at the world map and planning my next adventure. In my horizons are trips to Berlin, Nova Scotia, and South Africa; I'm toying with the ideas of Barcelona or Malaysia for June's travel.

Many of you have inquired how I'm able to finance my adventures and my simple answer is budget and save. Prior to telling all of my business online blogging and living abroad, I was an avid traveler but only shared the experiences with family and friends. My favorite destination when I was stateside was Cancun, Mexico. I can't tell you the number of times I've been to Cancun because it's several. It's a cost friendly and short flight which is why I love it even more. I've also been to Belize, Honduras, Haiti, Bahamas, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, a few other Caribbean locales, as well as a 30+ US States. The airport is my friend and the plane is my lover.

Reginia's Travel Tips
  1. I cut out the middle man; the travel agent. I haven't used a travel agent since I booked a cruise in 2004. With discount travel sites, I haven't felt the need.
  2. Discount travel sites. I primarily use one travel site for booking the flight and hotel together because it's usually cheaper. If not, I'll book the flight on one site and use another for the hotel. I'd love to name the sites but free advertising... no ma'am.
  3. Travel in the off season; saves hundreds of dollars.
  4. Buy the basic package and inquire about an upgrade upon arrival. If the hotel or flight isn't full, the request is almost always honored for FREE.
  5. There's a rumor about booking trips on Tuesdays because it's deeply discounted, it's true sometimes.
  6. Though I love and prefer direct flights, be flexible for 1 or 2 stops because it saves a few hundred dollars as well.
  7. Mid-day or early evening flights are usually cheaper.
  8. Leave mid-week and return on a non-weekend day; saves hundreds of dollars.
  9. Travel with a friend if possible, saves on the hotel. 
  10. Some of my travel sisters opt for lower star hotels or hostels. I don't do either but they save several hundred dollars by doing so.
  11. If you live in a larger city, fly out of an international airport versus a national or regional; difference of several hundred dollars. Also, some airports in neighboring cities may be cheaper. (i.e. it's cheaper for me to fly out of Dubai versus Abu Dhabi but Dubai Airport is quite the circus)
  12. Have a separate account or specific holding for travel funds. Know your limited and add extra change to the account weekly. Change adds quickly.

So tell me, what's your next destination?

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Great tips woman! I am bookmarking this page ;-)I missed out on a trip to Madrid with one of my bffs so I could support another good friend as her bridesmaid. So my next trip will be to Miami, FL.

Awesome advice. I love to travel as well! My next trip is next month to West Palm Beach & then Miami, FL for one of my besties 30th. I've been to Miami a lot of times and it is always a blast. I definitely need to step my travel game UP :)

For my first real vacation I would probably use a travel person because I don't know nothing about traveling abroad I do not however plan on staying in anything less than a nice hotel that is a must. Great tips

@Fashion Pad

I've head a lot of good things about Madrid in Spring. Spain gets pretty cold during the winder months. I am looking forward to a post about your trip.

@Law_Fal - A good friend of mine lived in WPB. The last picture in this post is from a beach in Miami.

@Kita - I used Apple Vacations for my last trip to Cancun and my parents use to use Dillard's Travel.

So I'm not the only one that is anti 2* or hostel. I am always looking for the 4*. And your rightTuesday flight planning tip does works sometimes, especially after midnight USA time.

Good tips, chica! My problem is doing the research. I know there are so many great travel sites out there, so I just have to dig in there and find the deals!

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