Friday, May 24, 2013

The Best Fashion Sites to Check Daily (Guest Post)

As much as we’d like to spend each day jumping on a plane for the next fashion week or rummaging for the funkiest shoes on 8th Street, it can be a challenge even to grab Vogue or Elle from the newsstand and read about these things. Luckily, the web is a kind place for vicarious fashionistas. Here are ten of the very best E-magazines and blogs that bring to you the adventure of looking stylish on the regular.

Image Courtesy of Ajuk/Wikimedia Commons

This London-based, but exclusively online magazine, is ideal for fashionistas hungry for daily updates of the latest looks, modeled by an eclectic and sometimes unexpected gallery of faces. What’s more, you get your hand held through fun, but practical, style tutorials from celeb advisors, as well as ahead-of-the-curve updates on culture and the hippest—and hippest looking—underground musicians.

Less is definitely more with the minimal, visually arresting layout of Nowness. While many sites bombard you with a mosaic of links and looks, Nowness highlights one standout feature per day (alongside a convenient calendar of recent happenings at the page’s bottom).


Nothing is a true substitute for a hard copy of W:  its oversized, high-concept monthly spreads are the standard bearer for coffee-table (or even gallery) quality images of fashion at its most sublime. Nevertheless, W’s online counterpart is more than a consolation prize for those of us who no longer keep up with paper mags.  Bringing the same marriage of avant-couture and ingenious theme-shoots that makes W special to a visually appealing, hi-res website, W online is a must.

The Frugality may dispense with couture price points and high-art photo shoots, but this incredibly practical blog makes no sacrifices when it comes to being fashion-forward.  Hosted by Red junior editor, Alexandra Steadman shares advice on everything from how to dress your five year old like a rock star to finding the swankiest area rug for your studio—all on a budget.

Style Scrapbook

Andy Torres lives the jet-setting, boutique-browsing life many of us wish we had, but rather than rubbing it in, she shares the wealth of her findings with this helpful blog site. Considering she seems to make it to every fashion week worth mentioning and sports a totally unique ensemble in every on-the-go snapshot, it’s a wonder where she finds the time for her faithful daily updates.

Image Courtesy of Tim Alamenciak/Wikimedia Commons

A couture fantasia, in which Commes des Garcons and Lagerfeld are the coin of the realm, this E-mag has amassed a devoted following for its exclusive “Hinterviews”—candid conversations inside the minds of the men and women who design and define what we see on the runways.

Created by Geneva Vanderzeil, this blog transcends simply shopping and delivers daily DIY advice on how to liven up your wardrobe and create new looks in fast, affordable ways.  Soaked in style through and through- even the how-to photographs are occasions for ogling.

No round-up of fashion websites could go without mentioning Net-a-Porter, a top-to-bottom portal onto the world of the world’s great designs (and the women who can afford to wear them). On top of countless links to highest-of-the-high new products, the site has a gorgeously realized magazine that manages to capture the look of a paper publication.

At first glance, this site seems like too much to handle, but that’s simply because it packs so much in. In fact, it’s as well-designed and navigable as can be, and for anyone interested in any aspect of vintage clothing—be it the best boutique in your area or reviews of books on Art Deco—this is for you.

The creation of Richard Mortimer, the flamboyant impresario who created the East London club Boombox, has translated the fierce energy of afterhours clubland style into an unpredictable, but predictably fabulous, ezine.

For the on-the-go fashionista that desires the latest updates, these are just a few of the best fashion websites that are top-notch and cutting-edge.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from So California whose writing covers beauty tips, skin care solutions, skin lightening and personal health. As a fashion lover herself, she enjoys providing others tips on where they can find the latest fashion trends.


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