Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer 2013 Style: Don't Forget Your Underwear

The summer season calls for an updated wardrobe of colorful warm-weather wear. You are probably going to purchase a new bathing suit or two for those sunny days at the beach. Of course, you will need a few new sun dresses for backyard barbecues, trips to the park and strolls around town. You definitely have to pick up some new outfits for those summertime vacations. However, refreshing your underwear for the summer season probably didn't come to mind. Make it a priority as the seasons change this year to add a few new pieces of lingerie this year. It will help you feel sexy and sumptuous as those long, romantic summer days take shape.

Choose Pieces that are Both Practical and Beautiful

According to Refinery 29, the best 2013 pieces are sweet, sexy and work with just about any type of outfit. Hot colors this year include classic black, pale pink, mint green and sexy red. Sheer lace bras will not only boost your confidence, but they also will help you look amazing in that new summer tank top. Boy shorts shape your butt so it looks fabulous in both shorts and slinky summer dresses without panty lines.

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Ensure You Get Sized for Your New Bras

Your bra will only work for you if it truly fits. Take the time to have a professional size you. If you have been through any major life changes — such as significant weight loss, a pregnancy or cosmetic surgery — chances are your breasts have changed in the process. According to Bella Bella Boudoir, your bra band should fit tight around your chest, the central gore should lie completely flat between your breasts and the straps must fit just right on your shoulders. Keep in mind that the majority of the support should come from the band around the chest, not the straps or the cups.

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Keep Your Sizes on Registry at Your Favorite Lingerie Retailer

Liza Clifford notes that this is the best way to remember your size, and it also helps your partner. This allows him to pick out lingerie for you as a present in the future and know that it is going to fit perfectly. If you purchase lingerie from Yumdrop, you can add your size to a registry for future use. Once the summer has changed over to fall, you will be able to go in and add some great pieces for the winter months without going through the hassle of figuring out your size and style once again. When you keep your specifics on file, you will find that shopping for lingerie will be easy and enjoyable.

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You need the perfect, discrete thong for those all-too-cute shorts you will be wearing on the boardwalk this summer. You also want to get a sexy set of lingerie for those sultry summer nights. Purchase underwear that makes you feel comfortable and helps you look stunning. The best lingerie will look great on you no matter what you're wearing— or not wearing. Don't neglect yourself this summer — make it a priority to update your lingerie at the same time you update your wardrobe.


And I definitely need to update mine. If you take a look at my collection, you will probably think it's a little pitiful at my age, but I'm working on it. LOL. this was great advice and a reminder that I do need to be sized ASAP.

You're so right, sexy lingerie is definitely a confidence booster. And finding the right things to wear with those flowy outfits is a must.

-Chymere A.

Do I have to have matching stuff too? None of my stuff matches lol. I can't afford too many good bras one bra for me cost 70 bucks so I buy one every other month and only wear them if I got a special event otherwise I wear the cheap stuff. One day I will get better.

Great post and fabulous advice. I never thought about seeing if my lingerie store could keep my bra size on registry!

@Chymere Anais

One of my biggest challenges is finding a great fitting bra. I prefer a bit of lift.

None of my stuff matches either Kita. I prefer black bras to avoid the worry of my bra peaking though my shirt.

Since I have different cup sizes, @Fashion Pad, I have to make sure what I need is handy.

Every spring, I have to remind myself to update my underwear. I only do black bras because like you said, then I don't have to worry about them peaking through My shirts. I am going to have to try a few boy shorts too.

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