Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Review Monday; Fine China by Chris Brown

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It is without a doubt that Sir Christopher "Chris" Maurice Brown serves us with a lot of triumph and tragedy. This young thunder burst upon the scene with his coy smile, good looks, and self-taught moves that nicknamed him Michael Jackson of the new millennium.

I am a president and sole member of the Cougar Chris Brown Fan Club. I'm a decade and change his senior but still enjoy what he brings to pop music. Regardless of the blemishes on his image, he still manages to stir through the crazy and refresh the charts with #1 hits.

I've missed doing Music Review Monday and Chris' single "Fine China" encouraged a new post. This song has a great feel and is my go to song for the summer.

Have you heard this breezy cut? Does it get you going (just like Chris' birthday suit shot)?

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I actually like this song! I was surprised actually because he just......gets on my nerves....

I am a fan of him I have his last album but I have not listened to the new song until now......

@Rose's Daughter

His 20 something antics and outbursts are a bit over the top. :(

@Dman - I didn't know who sang it for a while. They play it all the time in Abu Dhabi.

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