Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lawn & Garden: Patio Furniture

On the heels of Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, many families begin thinking about the creating the perfect outdoor space. For me, one of the greatest parts of being a home owner is the extension of home in to the out of doors. My home in Atlanta was my ultimate "Barbie Dreamhouse" and had a cute patio space outback.

Creating a comfortable outdoor space was an on-going project that I revisited each summer. I had many things to consider; furniture, plants, lighting, bug repellant, and even wifi. 

My biggest challenge was trying to tackle all things at once. Of course, my mom quickly told me to take on one project at a time.

My first choice was plants then on to outdoor furniture. There were so many outdoor furniture styles to compare. I had to select tables, chairs or sets; cushions, no cushions, it was a lot.

I knew my overall goal was to create Tuscan oasis in the middle of an Atlanta suburb. I did somewhat but I know the patio needs more.

How did you spruce your outdoor space for the summer?

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I need some outside furniture I love eating outside in the cool summer evenings....with a lot of fly repellent.

@Kita I'm thinking of heading over to your place this summer for some great food... indoor or outdoor. LOL

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