Thursday, May 9, 2013

In the News; the R Report

The Nation

Viral name of the week is Charles Ramsey. Charles Ramsey was an ordinary citizen who turned into a national sensation when his selfless acts helped three women and one child escape their 10 years of hell. During several interviews, Ramsey states that he's no hero and isn't accepting of any reward money. He stated that any monies should go to the victims. What an honorable notion Ramsey! Regardless of the internet mockery and laughs, Charles Ramsey is a person of great honor.

My World

Candy Crush has taken over my world. I thought Ruzzle was everything, nope Candy Crush is every single thing and just like that I dumped Ruzzle. Candy Crush is a colorful and engaging game that can be played via Smartphone or Facebook. It imprisons your attention for hours and steals all of your productivity. Try Candy Crush today.

In Reality News

Reality TV is a guilty pleasure among many. It takes us into a world that we would probably never
venture to have low brow laughs at the shenanigans of others. So, it did not come to any surprise that Sheree Whitfield began pulling for straws when she was fired from Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. First and foremost, Sheree among a few others aren't housewives so that's a faux paux in itself. However, since her firing, Sheree has appeared on Iyanla's Fix My Life and currently harassing two bloggers with frivolous lawsuits. As reported, the cases were promptly dismissed with another case pending. So in response with her infamous "Who gone check me boo?"; probably a Fulton County Judge for filing all of these nonsense lawsuits when the court is already littered with other petty crimes.

..... and that's what's on my news radar, what's on yours?

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Sheree needs money badly lol. I see the ohio man he all over the place. I need him to get lawyer up cause they gonna be calling him to the stand as a witness and he done told it all.

I really admire Charles Ramsey. I hate seeing those spoofs going around comparing him to the barber in Coming to America. Some folks love to pick at people. The man did good thing, in fact he did a Very good thing. He should be commended not made fun of.

I love Ruzzle and Candy Crush. I play them both as I'm in bed trying to fall asleep. So addicting!! Hope you have a great weekend, chica!!

lol @ "probably a Fulton County judge".

Charles Ramsey is definitely a man to be admired and honored. What he did was courageous and honorable.

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