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Beating Oily Skin During The Summer (Guest Post)

Beating Oily Skin During The Summer

Oily skin can cause a problem all year long, but the summer is when excessive oil production is at it's worse. Between the heat and humidity, your skin is left a mess! Many people think that there is nothing they can do about this short of buying super-expensive skin products that may or may not work and simply stay inside all summer long. But there's hope! Really, there is! You don't have to spend a fortune or lock yourself indoors this summer in order to keep the oils and the dread shine that goes with it at bay! Just follow these easy tips and you can beat oily skin during the summer and all year round!

Sunscreen Or Protective Covering

Although you may not know it, protecting your skin with large brimmed hats or sunscreen (or both) is your very first defense against excessive oil secretions caused by heat. Your skin becomes damaged when it is exposed to the sun's rays for an extended period of time, and it is during the times that it is damaged that oil production will increase even more than before. So be kind to your skin and keep it covered if you want to beat excess oil secretion this summer.

Blotting Papers or Cool Water

Using blotting papers to 'blot out' any oils that build up on your skin throughout the day can be really useful in keeping blemishes at bay and the oils on the surface of your skin down to a bare minimum. If you don't like blotting papers, you can always splash your face with cool water and pat it dry. This method will also help to keep the oils down, and may even be a more effective method. It doesn't work well if you're wearing makeup, however, because obviously it starts running and smudging. Feel free to use the two methods interchangeably to suit your needs.


Good hydration is key to everything- your skin, your hair, your health. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you make sure you stay hydrated. Water is also the best first option, but sports drinks are also a good way to stay  hydrated. Beware that sports drinks have extra calories in them, however, so if you aren't going to burn those calories off before bed, you may want to stick to the water instead.

Good Foods

Eating a healthy diet with a variety of good foods is also very important. This is the way you get all of the nutrients which your skin needs to stay healthy. You should eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, a few complex carbohydrates, and some lean protein. Splurging on a greasy hamburger or a can of coke once in a while won't harm  you, but limit yourself to a very moderate- minimal, actually- amount.

Those are our tips on how you can beat oily skin this summer. Read them, know them, and use them to help you and your skin stay healthier and look better. If you have your own tips to keeping oily skin under control during the summer, or want to comment on one of the ones we mentioned here today, please feel free to do so in the comments below. We love hearing what you have to say!

Author Bio: Amanda is a skin care fanatic and author of which features an article on the best moisturizers for oily skin. Aside from writing about make up, Amanda loves to travel and one day dreams of living in Paris. Questions or comments for Amanda? Feel free to connect with her @Skincare_HQ on Twitter!

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