Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A New Kind of Mojo

Once upon a time I was a girl with a healthy heart. It seems that over the past few years, the added weight, reduced exercised and my refusal to take cholesterol lowering meds because of the side effects bullied my heart. During the past two weeks, I thought and was told that I had GERD and really bad gas; turns out I had 6 minor heart attacks. I didn't have any of the classic symptoms except deep tingling and burning in my chest. In hindsight, two were very intense and lasted well over an hour. One of the stronger ones awakened me from my sleep and all I could do was cry and pray. It no longer felt like gas but a 4AM on a remote island in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, I felt trapped and isolated. Abu Dhabi was hours away so I called my physical protector; my Ash.

I finally made it to the hospital on the island and there was finally a doctor there who knew to check for "troponin" and "ckmb". It was then the official heart attacks were noted but without the proper equipment, they did not know two of my arteries were clogged. Because I refused to sit in another day in a facility that was of no use to me, my health, and ultimately my life; I left AMA and luckily I did because I was in critical condition.Two of three of my arteries were clogged. The doctor at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City was able to open one artery and implant a stent and the other formed several smaller vessels to the main artery but it's stilled clogged. I am on statins now with the hopes it will open the closed artery so that one can receive a stent. My main artery was clear and open.

So, my apologies for being away, I survived six hear attacks within the past two weeks while still going to work daily and loving my Ash. 

Strange events indeed; but this young life will carry on with love, care, exercise, and heart healthy foods.

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My Lord!! Reginia!! I will keep you in my prayers. PLEASE take care

Goodness girl you better take care of yourself don't make my scared but get on a plane. Glad you had someone there to take care of you.

Good Lord!! Take care of yourself Regina!!!!!!

My goodness I am so glad that youmfound out in time to get the help, attentions and arrived needed, please take care and get better soon.

Take care of yourself and I'm glad God kept you with us. You have a story to tell! :)

Thank you ladies.

I am definitely working to improve my diet, exercise, and lower stress.

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