Thursday, May 23, 2013

4 Creative Home Decorating Ideas for the Single City Girl

Whether you’re a fashion maven with sass or a whimsical romantic, decorating your personal space is all about creative self-expression and inspiration. Create a space spotlighting decorative items that are outside of their element. For instance, bring empty wine bottles into the bedroom and shoes into the living room. Dramatic pops of color and fanciful wall accents are also stylish solutions. From the ambitious student attending one of the many prestigious interior design schools in San Francisco, to the established driven careerist working their way up the corporate ladder in New York City, here are four trendy and unique ideas for the single city gal who’s on an interior-decorating mission:

Wine Bottles

Accessorize a trio of wine bottles with your collection of bracelets and bangles, ala interior designer and style blogger Aimee Song. Hanging your bracelets around the neck of your wine bottles is not only a clever way to store and display your jewelry, but it also creates vintage flair for your room. Sophia Riesling Francis Coppola California Wine, NO Vineyards and Winery Sauvignon Blanc, Lake County Calif. and Cupcake Chardonnay have trendy labels that create a stylish look after displaying jewelry around the bottle necks.

Photo by Adam Cutler via Flickr

Sexy Heels

No accessory is more feminine than a strappy, sexy heel. Why should they hide in the dark shadows of your closet? Sure, hide away your Brooks running shoes and Reef flip flops, but flaunt those designer heels even when they’re not on your feet. For a contemporary look, stack fashion magazines on your coffee table and set a pair of leopard booties on top. Shoes don’t belong on a coffee table, which makes this decor even more forbidden, yet fashionable. Hang a black pump off a framed photo of a GNO or adorn an end table by placing stilettos facing inward in front of a collection of books.

Photo by Maegan Tintari via Flickr

Red, Red Wine

Inspired by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s apartment in the Upper East Side, decorate your living or dining room minimally. Then spotlight areas with dramatic fuchsia accents. Place artificial roses the color of merlot in a metallic silver vase and place on the corner of your bookshelf. Add color to your dining room table with tall, dark purple candlesticks. You can also create moodiness with a fuchsia wall hanging, drapery and throw pillows on a neutral-color couch. Complement fuchsia pieces with turquoise home accessories such as a candle, vase or artwork.

Photo by islandjoe via Flickr

Storybook Wall

Fashion designer and lifestyle blogger Lauren Conrad blanketed bare wall space in her home with torn pages from a book. Creating a vintage and whimsical focal point, paste the pages to a large, painted panel in every direction. Prior to pasting pages, paint the wall a champagne pink or mint green hue to create a charming, romantic ambience. Lauren tells, “I like it because when we open the windows the pages flutter and it gives the room movement.” At the bottom corners of the storybook panel, set a vase with pink roses or a stacked trio of vintage books.

Photo by Neal Jennings via Flickr


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