Sunday, April 21, 2013

Updates and Randoms

Somewhere along the lines, work and life had a great affect on posting and here I am a week later.

After returning from our vacation, I had such a cold and something a resembled bronchitis. I never made it to the doctor but I'm quite sure that is what is was (and lingering) according to Dr. Google.

Immediately following our vacation was (is) a heavy time at work; end of the year evaluations and activities. So coupled with jet lag, a cold, and work, I couldn't find an ounce of energy to pen a post or even respond to by favorite blogs. I'm sorry guys, I will make it up to you in the weeks to come.

However, in the midst of this organized chaos, I am still basking in the wonders of our vacation. We truly enjoyed ourselves. We spent about 10 days straight with one another and that was a first. Ooo my goodness, yeah; good times, my nerves, the food, the cuddles, my nerves, the shopping, the adventures, and yes again, my nerves. My dear sweet Ash is something else but

he's my "vacation boy" as I now call him. I must say that he did an awesome job with things that I do not like to do, like be organized. He kept the suites in order as well as our things. He picked out our clothes the night before and had everything ready for the next morning. Typically, I scramble the day of and usually forget something but my "vacation boy" saved a lot of days. I was in charge of planning excursions and meals. The excursions were easy but meals were a challenge. Ash is Muslim and can not eat certain things so I had to make sure the restaurants in which we ate were OK for him; it was challenging in Hong Kong because pork was everywhere. Bangkok has a sizeable Muslim community and cater to the many Muslim who vacation there which made eating a lot easier.

For the week, I guess I should take some meds, see a real Dr., and climb off of cloud 9. I miss blogging and being active online. During my week of MIA, I did happen upon this article that I found prudent for developing a blogging schedule. I certain want to thank Kita editor of Kokoa Magazine for reintroducing me to HootSuite. Now if I can just post regularly, then a can schedule posts. Right, right.

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I love that article!!!
Awwww you and Ash look like you guys had great time!

Love it! I know how it feels to look up and quickly find yourself behind on blogging!

Can you email me your address at I want to get your gift card out!

Yes girl hootsuite is a life saver. Girl you went to google at least go to webmd to diagnose yourself lol.

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