Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oh These Shoes...

One would think that living in a country that dubs itself the "shopping capital of the world" that I would have found outfits for these shoes by now.

Poor me, I'm faced with the dilemma and challenge of finding just the right outfit for my precious pair.

Featured at the top are the noted Zara heels that you've seen on fashion blogs across the net. Clockwise; standard black pair of Louboutin, bedStu chunky heeled sandals, a comfy pair of Aerosoles for work, and a snakeskin peep toe by Jessica Simpson.

The main issue is that I've become lazy and only wear flats. Last year this time you couldn't catch me in flats but the heat on top of fashion laziness have the heels on pause.

Friends, what can I do to jump start my heels again?

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I have 0 advice or you I have not worn heels since about 2006 all I wear are flats. I tried some wedges to get back into the heel of things but I fell on my face so it's a no go for me.

I completely understand. I used to be all-of-the-time heel wearer but never wore them for a while and now I'm back to sorta wearing them.

Are you not wearing them because they are uncomfortable? If that's the case, then I say keep rocking the flat. I am sure you are keeping it fly anyway. (I know I do! lol)

if it's because you cannot think of something to wear with them, my advice is to just put them on. Don't wait for a special occasion, if you have on a basic colored dress or a good jean and a flowy top, pop them on. Everyday is special!

I have to revamp my whole shoe game now that I can acually WEAR good shoes to work everyday.!

My pre-teen gets on me all the time about wearing flats! Flats are full of comfort so I am no help! LOL

It depends why you're not wearing the heels, really - if it's discomfort, you may need to break them in, which isn't much fun. But in the end, it's worth it. If it's styling, well, anything works with heels. You'd be surprised what wonders they can do for a pair of jeans!

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