Monday, April 1, 2013

Hong Kong; The Real Magic City (Part 1)

We came and conquered Hong Kong.

I have to admit, Ash and I were a bit nervous about coming to Hong Kong. We both had trouble sleeping the night before therefore we chatted most of the night instead. We had a super early flight so that caused a challenge the next morning. However, once we got settled in the airport all was well. We flew out of Abu Dhabi International though more expensive than Dubai; Dubai is such a hassle.

We flew via Qatar Airways. I've flown Qatar twice and had a pleasant experience each time. They offer 5-star service at 37,000 feet. Check out their destinations to see where they fly; exceptional service and usually on time.

We flew from Abu Dhabi to Doha, Qatar for a plane change then 7 and a half hours to Hong Kong. The flight was uneventful but the food was delicious.

Once we arrived in rainy Hong Kong, all of our jitters went away immediately. We gazed at the rows and rows of tall buildings, lights, and marvelous zen. The taxi ride to our hotel was about 30 minutes as we stayed on Kowloon Island at the luxurious Crown Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East. A separate post is needed about how well they treated us and how comfortable the accommodations were.


Needless to say, after an early start and long flights, we were hungry and tired. We ate, we looked, we slept then we were greeted with overcast skies and the most amazing backdrop.

I so thought I could talk about the entire experience in one post, but I don' think I can make it.

In the meanwhile, here are a few pics. 

After another tour today, we have a red-eye to Bangkok, Thailand.

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Oh you are just making me want to travel more and more. Can't wait until the baby is old enough to stay with grandparents so the Mr. and I can get to traveling. Have fun. *heads to look at photos*

I love your travels did you buy anything that was made in the USA?

I just love living vicariously through your photos! Sigh. You make me want to travel again!

Hong Kong looks quite exciting! A place I have never really thought about visiting, but I am sure I would love it!

I follow you on instagram so I see all of the amazing photos. Hong Kong definitely looks like an amazing place.

Wow, the pics are breathtaking! I am glad to hear you guys had a wonderful time.

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