Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hong Kong; Cityscapes

Hong Kong is everything. It is lush, gritty, enticing, mysterious, and amazing. We arrived in Hong Kong at night so we were able to see the skyline and its reflection over the water. Hong Kong has a skyline like no other. I thought New York City and Chicago had amazing skylines, but Hong Kong is certainly competition. Besides the grit and the skylines, Hong Kong is surrounded by lush greenery that greatly contrasts the hustle of the city. Because Hong Kong consists of the main island as well as densely populated supporting islands, it was impossible to see all the things that Hong Kong had to offer. We were able to do a city tour, visit Lautau Island, the Big Budda, and Nathan Street. The Hong Kong area is notorious for its street markets that offer everything that you can imagine; dried fish, fresh vegetables, meals, clothing, souvenirs, adult toys, and basic whatnots. We were able to pounce on Nathan Street. Ash found a new backpack because his trusty Adidas Bag ripped; I wonder why?

I snagged a few things including the cutest wedge sneakers. 

After our trip to Lautau Island, we spent a few days just getting lost in the city. I learned that my Ash is quite the photographer, so he captured a lot of amazing shots.

Hong Kong is a city that we will visit again. It's a busy crowded city that is not for the faint at heart or rookie traveler. My advice is to come with a plan and use guided tours to maximize your time in Hong Kong.

.. and as always more pics can be found here.

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I love Hong kong! it looks so empty.... it's usually very crowded

this looks amazing! I'm going to have to add Hong Kong to my ever growing list of places to travel!

I thought I would see people all over the place. Love living through your travels keep the pictures and adventures coming.

@Kreative10 and @Monicaharmony - There are millions of people in Hong Kong. We got out really early to take these shots before we started our tour. Within the hour, the streets got really crowded

Hong Kong looks amazing!! There's a show called Living Abroad on HGTV and I think they featured Hong Kong. It was so cool learning about the culture there. Have fun!

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