Monday, March 18, 2013

Taste of Dubai 2013

Over the weekend, Ash and I headed to Dubai for a bit of vacation shopping and a much needed break from "Mayberry". I specifically selected this weekend because of the "Taste of Dubai". The Taste of Dubai is the city's annual food festival featuring area restaurants, international chefs and cuisine, as well as interactive shows for the family.

This years festival featured; Philips Chef's Theatre, Kenwood Cookery School, entertainment by UK's Noisette's, and The Virgin Roadshow.

This was our first time experiencing the Taste of Dubai. The festival occurred during the application process last year and I vowed to come if I was selected for employment.

The weather was absolutely perfect. The skies were sunny, temps in the upper 80s, good food, a relaxing atmosphere, and loads of people watching.

Ash isn't into crowds much, but we made our way through anyway. We enjoyed the international aromas and tastes from around the world. To my disappointment, most of the vendors charged per plate. This caught me by surprise as this isn't the culture of Taste of Atlanta. So thumbs down to digging into "your pocket" for each vendor.

Ash's favorite was the Indian cuisine (I forgot the name of the restaurant) and I enjoyed steak and potatoes. We also shared a bit of dessert and spirits. 

It is my hope to visit the festival again next year. Hopefully the sponsors will take note of the complaints regarding the extra charges because that was truly a bummer. However, the venue was nice - Dubai Media City - and the weather was perfect.

What did you do this weekend?

Of course, more pics can be seen here.

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Did you say pay for plates. Oh no I pay one price and should be able to sample everything. I love going to events like this.

This sounds a bit of like how Bahrain would have done it. It's fun, but I agree the extra costs are unfortunate. :-/

@Mrs. Sergeant Hopefully they will catch on to the way it's supposed to be done.

@Kreative10 - You know I gave them much side eye with that per plate costs. It's one price for all the samples. They learned today because I gave them a lot of feedback.

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