Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Break Fashions; for Him

Spring break is fast approaching and as I mentioned somewhere on social media, Ash and I are taking our first vacation together. O_O. Ooo, I am hoping and praying that he's a good traveler because y'all know I have fallen in love with traveling again. 

Our first stop is Hong Kong. We staying four days in Hong Kong and four days in Bangkok then a few days in Dubai to unwind. I can't tell you how excited I am. 


Ash is bit of a country boy. Yes there a such country people in the Arab world and Ms. "Urbaness" just happen to snag one. Aww, must be that southern charm of mine. O_O. Anyway, he is typically draped in his traditional wear, but we fancy something different for vacation. My honey is about 6'2 and 200lbs, so his style must be comfortable yet hip. We are shopping this weekend at traditional stores like Gap, Abercrombie, and Bloomingdales but I just don't know what to select for him. To him, if it's clean, it's ok. UM no. 

I need help from you guys. In Hong Kong, the highs are in the 70s and lows 50 but Bangkok, oh sweet Jesus, are in the 90s and lows in the 80s. 

I've thought about steering him towards looks like the one's below; tell me what you think.

Am I headed in the right direction?

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I'm all giddy over here!!!! Wow... You are living a dream Hunni!!!! I'm just happy to witness it via the blog & Instagram! I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing & hearing about your travel stories!!!! Simply Amazing...

Ok, so now to the outfits... YES! I do believe you are headed in the right direction. I choose comfy over anything & The Gap does offer comfort!

Can't wait to see pics!!!! I know you all are going to have a BLAST!!!!


Now mens fashion...I love. My thing with men is color I love a man who can wear some bold and different colors. Love that you are traveling I mentioned you in my newsletter as my website of the week. Can't wait to see pics.

@LA Lynn'sThank you Lynn. I appreciate your kind words.

Kita... get over here and help me. Thanks for mentioning me; I will have a great story upon my return. I owe you one.

Totally headed in the right direction. I'm guessing you want to pack light for so much travel, so layering is key. For the bottom, a couple of simple pairs of cargo or pleat front shorts, and the same in pants, in neutral colors for multiple wears. Loose cotton tees (perfect to snag from the stores you've mentioned), thin sweaters and button down shirts will work on top. The key is to go for thin layers that will be breathable when it's hot--and easy to pile on without being bulky when it's cold. You don't want to be weighed down by your clothing while trying to sight see! You can do this! good luck! :-)

Oh--avoid denim at all costs! It is both hot and bulky so it takes up much more space in your luggage!

I like that last look best. It's classic and should work well in the weather. Layers are always good.

that denim is the business! mix and match him in some of all of it...except for the "above the knee" shorts. that might not go over to well with his height.

have fun and please share photos!

Apparently I'm just going to live my dream travels vicariously through you boo! How freakin' exciting!!!

I swear every post from you gets me all amped up to get the passport stamped. I hope you have fun, and in my opinion if the weather is like that over there, shorts, white tees, and sandals period. A few items to go out for dinner and the rest of the trip naked. IJS, lol

@Portia Clyde LOL...naked it is. LOL

thanks for the suggestions... definitely no over the knee shorts (I almost forgot about that)

Thanks Fashion Pad. I am counting the days. I am so ready to go but not interested in the long flights.

Definitely heading in the right direction. Lots of light items for layering. Linen shorts, tees, shorts. I am so excited for you!

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