Thursday, March 28, 2013

Giraffe; dine in London's Heathrow Airport

One of the great things about traveling is tasting the many flavors. As you know, I am a fan of dining out, so trying new restaurants is always a joy. 

A few months ago, it seemed as if I was trapped by travel. My initial flight to Paris was delayed, so I missed the connecting flight, then I finally made it to London for an extended layover only to find that flight was cancel. By then I was tired, irritable, probably a little unsavory, and hungry. 

Once I finally got settled in the correct terminal, I immediately noticed tall, lanky creatures before me. It was an interesting view as well as engaging, so I happily trotted over to see what's what.

By then, I didn't care too much of what was on the menu, I just wanted to sit down.

My weary began to settle as I heard the world music tunes. I don't know what was playing, but it had a
world, jazz, with a hint of R&B feel. It was relaxing. I was promptly attended and order what turned into Reginia's self indulging airport meal.

I had the BBQ Chicken & Smoked Cheddar Quesedilla, Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream, and the most delicious 'Tosca Capp.

Afterwards, I was stuffed to say the least.

There were a ton of things on the menu that I wanted to try. Some were a bit hearty, so I decided to save those for a later day because no one can go to London just once.

Very satisfying! 

More pics here.

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I am only here for the dessert. I love trying new restaurants before I had kids I use to go to one new one per week to check it out.


I'm typically not a dessert girl but I LOVE brownies and ice cream OMG! LOVE IT.

@Dr. Reginia

Me too! It gets no better than brownies and ice cream!

Delightful. Love Paris. Love London. You're a lucky girl. Enjoy your travels.

I am definitely a fan of any desert with brownies and ice cream too! I also love to try new restaurants out.

Every time I come to your blog I leave jealous that you get to see the world while I'm stuck here! LOL

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