Saturday, March 30, 2013

Divine Design: Create Highly Fashionable Bedroom Designs With Animal Print

Have you been inspired to redecorate your room after seeing Snooki's love for animal print? (Yes, she decorates everything in animal print, every wall of her home with JWoww on the MTV spin-off show "Snooki & JWoww")

There's a subtle difference between animal print accents and a total safari explosion. Remember, you don't want your bedroom to look like it's a traveling circus, so be mindful of the way you incorporate them. Don't take it too extreme: learn how to create a high fashion styled bedroom with luxurious animal prints.

Pair Animal Prints With a Pop of Color

Depending on the print of your choosing, look for colors that add an extra pop. Be wary of mixing animal prints together, though. Just stick with one animal print then use accent colors to tie the room together.
For a black and white feel, zebra stripe is the way to go. You can use accents of pink, red or light blue. For a warmer or more neutral tone, use a leopard pattern or python print. For an accent color, stick to browns, blacks and creams.

Use Subtle Sheets

Stay away from the bold print on your sheets. To keep it classy, sophisticated and fashionable, opt for more subtle sheet in silver, white or gray. This will still give you the high-end look you want without going over the top. Use decorative pillows to tie-in the colors of your bedroom and use one accent pillow to accentuate your love of animal print. But remember, if your bedding is zebra print, DON'T choose a pillow that's python. This just will not do. When shopping for sheets, pillows and comforters for your mattresses, make sure the styles work together! You can also add a nice, cozy faux fur animal blanket on your bed.

Accessorize a Seating Area

If you have a rather large master bedroom, incorporating a seating area will tie in your room and allow you to have an extra area to decorate. Try using an elegant wing-back chair in a lilac or cream color with a metallic finish. The animal print twist? Incorporate the animal print of your choosing along the sides of the chair. This will add some fun to your room! In addition to the chair, make sure you place a small table, fresh flowers, an ottoman and a small blanket.

DIY Picture Frames

Your bedroom isn't complete without an animal picture frame. Keep it classy and choose a scrapbook paper that veers from the traditional loud print. If you love cheetah or leopard print but don't like the harsh, bold colors, find the print in a different shade like light browns, creams or grays. To pull off the picture frame, just take the scrapbook paper you found and cut it to size. Simple glue the paper on the wooden frame using Mod Podge and let dry. You can add some extra flair by attaching jewels or glitter.


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