Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clash in the Kitchen

If you've followed this blog for a while, then you know I have a love/hate relationship with the kitchen; mostly hate. Somewhere within the bounties of social media, hormones, and spousal duties is the desire to cook a decent meal. As this has been a challenge for me my entire adult life and  it has become a greater challenge now that I share a kitchen with another. Yep this "another" is my FH of who is of another nationality which has created a clash in the kitchen.

On most days, Ash makes dinner for which I am grateful because most days I just don't want to cook. However, Ash's tastes are quite different than mine and secondly Arab diets are anchored in breads, lamb, hummus, and other flavors that I have yet to embrace.

Ash feels the same way about my American meals. Though he tries them, he is just not fond of beef, mashed potatoes, grits, or eggs (my favorites). I'm having a tough time merging the cultures without making two meals or creating sad faces.

One thing we agree on is grilled chicken. Ash loves grilled chicken and could eat it everyday; me once a week is fine. So in an effort to have chicken while trying something new but familiar, next week I'm going to try my hand a making Chicken Makhani or "Butter Chicken". 

One part of me wants to conquer the kitchen challenges and the other part says "Ah what the h*ll".


Do you and your spouse have kitchen clashes? What can I do to get over the hump?

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I have a HATE relationship with cooking period! It stresses me out. I say order out!

I say learn to cook Ash's food. Thats what I like. you can cook that when you come visit...yummm

@Baby Shopaholic Take out and dining out are my friends. Love it.

This just hurts my poor heart. I hate cooking but I am good at it if that makes any sense. I think the crockpot is your buddy if you are not a seasoned cook.

I love to cook, but I am no mad at dining out or takeout when I am too tired too cook. Try the crockpot, you can do some easy things with chicken.

Hmmm... I'm a straight hater of the Kitchen! I will cook but I don't like too. I would rather hubby cook or we eat out. And, he's quite ok with doing either. But cooking just takes wayyyy to much time! lol


My husband eats everything. He wishes I made more meat (I'm okay with chicken and fish occasionally), but I say he can get his dead-animal on when we go out to eat!

Hmmm. Learn to cook his foods too and find some way to merge the two.

Lucky for me E eats just about everything I prepare. He takes a hardline to beans though! LOL

I really want to ditch cooking all together. I only enjoy it in spurts. More dinning out sounds good to me. :)

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