Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The. Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and Me

Dear Beyonce,

I can finally sleep at night. Since the announcement of your "The. Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" I have pounded the internet in search for tickets to one of your European shows. I wanted to see you in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a free and progressive city, so what other way to enjoy a show of glam. However, the show sold out within minutes. Then I tried to snag tickets in Paris, Zurich, and London; and again sold out. Bey, I couldn't give up, I needed to see one of your European shows so I tried for Berlin. The tickets for Berlin went on sale last weekend, so I posted up on the internet to wait.

I waited

and waited

and waited...



I finally snagged two tickets to see you at the O2 World Berlin. Now my seats aren't the best but I'm ok with that. However, Bey, this is what I need from you.

  1. Turn this show all the way UP & OUT. Remember how the haters made all that chatter about the inauguration then you "turnt it" at the Super Bowl and shut it all the way down. Do it again but better but don't make the lights go out. Please.
  2. Break out some moves that will have Twerk Teams and Black College Bands practicing into the wee hours of the morning.
  3. I need you to fly out of something, sprinkle some sparkle, and clap your hands for all "the kids" all over the world. I need international drag queens to step their game up so I can see fall drag shows featuring "The. Mrs. Carter Show". Yes Gawd Hunty. Make fierce on fire.
  4. Give me a shout out. I'm traveling ALLLLLLLL the way from Abu Dhabi on a red-eye flight and I need a shout out. Just say "What's up Reginia from Little Rock". I'd most appreciate it.

Girl, I am too tickled about all of this. Thanks for being a fabulous entertainer and see you May 23 in Berlin.

Love you.

Give the baby and Jay my love as well.

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Lol I have missed your letters. Glad you got some tickets let us know the good and bad of it as I know you will.

Ahhhhh!!! How effin glam is that to see her in Berlin. Can't wait for the recap

I am jelly you are going to see her! All the US shows are sold out! Have a great time for me!

I am super jealous. Beyonce is my hero. There is no doubt that she will bring it times a million.

Awwww I tried to get tickets for Houston and Dallas and they both sold out within seconds :-( have fun!!!!!!!

LOL!!! Man, that ticket struggle was real wasn't it?! My girlfriends and I tried DC (which is obviously the closest), Miami, Boston and FINALLY snagged tix for the Brooklyn show at the Barclays. CAN. NOT. WAIT!

@Kreative10Oh how I love writing the letters. I should do it more often. I am going to tag Beyonce often ..hoping for a shout out.

@All - Beyonce is my favorite entertainer behind Michael Jackson. Her shows are fantastic. Yes the ticket struggle got real. LOL

OMG!!! I'm jealous but can't wait to read your recap!!

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