Monday, February 25, 2013

The 2013 Oscars; 85th Academy Awards

Last evening, the 85th annual Academy Awards broadcasted live from the Dolby Theatre in beautiful Los Angeles, California. As always, the Academy Awards is a refined event to honor entertainers with the highest award for their craft.

In preparation, many spend weeks dieting and exercising with hopes of presenting their very best. Established designers and newbie hopefuls vie for an opportunity to have their garment shown on the red carpet. This year, my favorites were Charlize Theron and Queen Latifah. Both were outfitted with high regard to grace, poise, and femininity while others struggled to find their place in red carpet fashion.

Below are a few other fan favorites;

I was tickled pink that one of my favorite style bloggers had an opportunity to make an appearance. This is year two for brown bloggers. Keep up the good work.

Style Pantry; noted style blogger

Did you guys watch the red carpet pre-show? Who wore your favorite gown?

Note: I do not own the rights to these photos and they were not taken by me.

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Charlize Theron had it down from head to toe. I liked Naomi Watts dress also I didn't have a worse but there were some people who missed the mark big time.

Love your review. I think Kelly Rowland did her thing in that dress!!

Charlize Theron's hair is so HOT & her dress too! Kelly Rowland looked stunning!

Charlize was my fave too. I wish I could have seen all of Kimora's dress.

And it was nice to see StylePantry there!

I adore Charlize Theron's hair and dress. She is stunning!

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