Friday, February 8, 2013

Casual Fridays; What to Wear

It's 6 AM Friday morning and you're thumbing through your closet trying to decide on the attire of the day. Your office, like many offices across the world, employes the notion of "casual Friday". 

Casual Friday is the day that employers allow their employees to deviate from the standard code of dress; business professional or business casual. However, some employees are known to push the limits in regards of casual Fridays thus heading to the office with looks of celebration or AM dishevelment.  Casual Fridays can be an opportunity to display a bit of style while maintaining professional decorum. The overarching rules of casual Friday are; 

1) The pulse of the work environment drives the choice of attire.

2) Clothes should be neat, properly fitted, and without flaws.

3) The attire should maintain uniformed colors and be free of slogans.

Most importantly, remember that the work week will begin again and you want to be remembered for the work that you do, not a flawed choice of attire.

What are you wearing today?

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I like the second outfit I actually prefer skirts better than dresses. Its time to get ready for spring....cause I am ready for it to come.

My office is super casual everyday! I would have a hard time dressing business casual! I am wearing a t-shirt, jeans and knee boots!

Great tips! When I used to work in an office, some of the business casual outfits I've seen were pretty scary. They would have benefitted from this post:)

I'm interested in this because soon I will be working where I can wear actual CLOTHES and not scrubs to work! Kind of excited for a causal friday...

I love those casual choices. I used to work at a place where there was NO dress code. It was a disaster! Can you say PJ's at work, house shoes, shorts showing your cheeks, and flip flops all year long and I live in the Midwest! I was always told to dress for the job you want, not the one you have!

I love that top look! The blazer really pulls the look together and those loafers are flawlessly professional. No casual Fridays for me but it's all good.

My favorite day of the week is casual fridays, I get to wear my jeans (usually with a blazer of some sort) but I feel myself most on casual fridays -- with that said some people take things wayyy too far. These are good guidelines.

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