Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The. Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and Me

Dear Beyonce,

I can finally sleep at night. Since the announcement of your "The. Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" I have pounded the internet in search for tickets to one of your European shows. I wanted to see you in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a free and progressive city, so what other way to enjoy a show of glam. However, the show sold out within minutes. Then I tried to snag tickets in Paris, Zurich, and London; and again sold out. Bey, I couldn't give up, I needed to see one of your European shows so I tried for Berlin. The tickets for Berlin went on sale last weekend, so I posted up on the internet to wait.

I waited

and waited

and waited...



I finally snagged two tickets to see you at the O2 World Berlin. Now my seats aren't the best but I'm ok with that. However, Bey, this is what I need from you.

  1. Turn this show all the way UP & OUT. Remember how the haters made all that chatter about the inauguration then you "turnt it" at the Super Bowl and shut it all the way down. Do it again but better but don't make the lights go out. Please.
  2. Break out some moves that will have Twerk Teams and Black College Bands practicing into the wee hours of the morning.
  3. I need you to fly out of something, sprinkle some sparkle, and clap your hands for all "the kids" all over the world. I need international drag queens to step their game up so I can see fall drag shows featuring "The. Mrs. Carter Show". Yes Gawd Hunty. Make fierce on fire.
  4. Give me a shout out. I'm traveling ALLLLLLLL the way from Abu Dhabi on a red-eye flight and I need a shout out. Just say "What's up Reginia from Little Rock". I'd most appreciate it.

Girl, I am too tickled about all of this. Thanks for being a fabulous entertainer and see you May 23 in Berlin.

Love you.

Give the baby and Jay my love as well.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

The 2013 Oscars; 85th Academy Awards

Last evening, the 85th annual Academy Awards broadcasted live from the Dolby Theatre in beautiful Los Angeles, California. As always, the Academy Awards is a refined event to honor entertainers with the highest award for their craft.

In preparation, many spend weeks dieting and exercising with hopes of presenting their very best. Established designers and newbie hopefuls vie for an opportunity to have their garment shown on the red carpet. This year, my favorites were Charlize Theron and Queen Latifah. Both were outfitted with high regard to grace, poise, and femininity while others struggled to find their place in red carpet fashion.

Below are a few other fan favorites;

I was tickled pink that one of my favorite style bloggers had an opportunity to make an appearance. This is year two for brown bloggers. Keep up the good work.

Style Pantry; noted style blogger

Did you guys watch the red carpet pre-show? Who wore your favorite gown?

Note: I do not own the rights to these photos and they were not taken by me.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kempinski Nile Hotel - Cairo, Egypt (Review)

Hey loves,

As you guys may know, via Instagram, FB, and Wordless Wednesday, two friends and I took a quick trip to Cairo, Egypt a few weeks ago. I didn't do a write-up yet because I've been exceptionally tired for past month or so. Perhaps I will squeeze it in within the next couple of weeks.

During our visit, we stayed at the Kempinski Nile Hotel. The Kempinski Nile Hotel is a 5 Star Luxury Hotel situated on the Nile River. It comes with all of the amenities of a 5 Star hotel; ambiance, restaurants, concierge, banking, speciality shops, cafes, lounges, and stylish decor.

Like many hotels abroad, the outside of the hotels leave a lot to be desired and it was not different with Kempinski Nile. We were a bit concerned as our driver pulled into the drop-off area in the front of the hotel. We were further taken aback by the airport style security that we had to pass through before entering. I can say that none of us had such prior experience.

However, one we entered the lobby, we were pleasantly surprised. The lobby was a mixture of European design and traditional Egyptian art. I don't know why I didn't take more pictures but the lobby was captivating. If you visit their website, you can see better images of the gorgeous lobby.

My favorite part of the hotel was the bed. Prior to staying at the Kempinski Nile Hotel, I thought that the Hampton Inn and Sheraton Hotels had the best sleepers.... no ma'am, not compared to this hotel. My friends shared the same sentiments. Each night we sleep so well. We literally melted into the sheets.

I also liked that they rooms were spacious, attractive, smelled great, and had temperature control. You'd think that these things were givens but I've learned that they are indeed a luxury.

Overall the hotel definitely gets an A.

  • Style and Decor - (A-) because the room's decor was a mix of traditional and modern.

  • Comfort/safety - (A)

  • Food Selection - (B-) The jazz cafe had great burgers and the Turkish Restaurant had limited options for me because of my seafood allergy.

Some of the other restaurants were closed because unbeknown to us (at the time) we visited during the annual revolution, January 25. Because of this, there was a lot of protesting and street closures. 

  • Butler service - (A)

  • Concierge - (A-) I found some of his humor a bit off colored. Bleh However, he did a great job pairing us with a knowledgeable tour guide Sara. She is amazing. If you ever visit, please request her.

  • Receptionist - Very accommodating (A)

We had an awesome time in Cairo which was deeply support by a wonderful stay at the Kempinski Nile Hotel.

Me at the Kempinski Nile Hotel overlooking the Nile River at sunset.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pinterest + Free Time = Pinterest Fries

For the past couple of weekends, it was extremely boring on Delma Island (as always), the ferry didn't run, and the commuter plane... well that's a story for another time.

Therefore, to amuse myself and my friends, I decided to be a bit "Pinterest". I didn't find this exact recipe on Pinterest but I think it's something that could be found there.

Here's why...

It started with boredom and a few potatoes...

Supported by a feeling of craftiness from Pinterest....

First, I pealed the potatoes and sliced them in their original state.

Next, I cut them into smaller fry like pieces.

I then seasoned them with ...

Morton's Nature's Seasons, salt, vinegar, Sargento Parmesan & Romano Cheese, and Grill Mates Applewood Rub.

I topped them with a little butter for flavor and to help prevent sticking. I should have greased the pan too. Oh well, next time.

I left them to bake in the oven for some time, who knows, until brownish and done looking.

Then I served to friends.

They turned out a lot better than I thought. I will definitely make them again. One friend scored them a 7 while the other scored an 8. 

I'd love for one of you to try them and tell me how they turned out in your home.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Celebrity Couples: Why You Shouldn't Look to Them for Relationship Advice (Guest Post)

Celebrity gossip seems to be a constant for the normal, television-watching person. While in the supermarket line, we reach for the tabloids to read the most recent news about our favorite superstars; especially ones reading "10 Celebrities Without Makeup," to assure ourselves that they are, in fact, just like us.
But we shouldn't base our relationships on celebrities. Why? Because they are not like us. Here's a few great examples of couples we should definitely not seek inspiration from:

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Relationship expert Ed Young writes "I shall not share the details of our marriage with others" in his "Love Affair" series. Although Kim and Kanye aren't married (yet), they are expecting a baby. How do we know? Kanye blurted out the news to the world on Dec. 30, 2012, while performing "Now you having my baby." During an Atlantic City concert, he stopped mid-song to say to the crowd, "Can we make some noise for my baby mama?"
Kim later confirmed the news in a blog post on her website saying, "It's true! Kanye and I are expecting a baby." There's gossip about how much money the stars will receive to publish the first baby photos. Allegedly, the happy couple already turned down a $3 million offer. Perhaps they're holding out for money for their baby's college fund? Yeah right, like they need it.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

This young Hollywood "It" couple met while on the set of "The Last Song" back in 2009 and have been inseparable ever since. His most recent claim to fame is landing the role of Gale in "The Hunger Games" series. Miley is staying relevant through the use of her Instagram account, constantly evolving wardrobe and hairstyle choices. She most recently caught heat for her new platinum blonde, military style 'do.
The two, almost household names, got engaged in May of 2012. Although they seem to be a great couple, she's just a baby (19 years old). And although women married younger than this decades ago, it's not exactly a recipe for marriage success these days. Pastor Young and his wife Lisa have been married for over 30 years; maybe before the young celebrity couple ties the knot they should read "The Creative Marriage" for tips and pointers to help their union succeed.

Taylor Swift & Every Hot, Single Man

Taylor Swift is without a doubt the most idolized young entertainer to teenage (and adult) women everywhere. But her relationship choices are ... questionable. Rumor has it she's been linked to 13 men in just 4 years. And did I mention she's only 22 years old? According to websites such as sheknows.com and usmagazine.com, she's dated some "real men" including Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles.
Her benefit to all these breakups? She's made smash hits after every single one. Sorry Taylor, but serial dating may not the best way to find a happy, healthy relationship.

Guest Author:

Patrice Flowers
Patrice refuses to wear jeans, insists on carrying a handbag everywhere and thinks that Pinkberry should be delivered. She loves writing about the latest in fashion and beauty products.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Click Beautiful; BeautySak.com

It is without a doubt that online shopping is a mainstay for many consumers. It is easy, convenient, private, and practical. For a busy professional like me, who lives abroad, I shop online quite frequently. I love the convenience of being able to shop whenever I want while maintaining relationship with quality brands I enjoyed in the US.

Recently, I happened upon beautysak.com. BeautySak.com is an online retailer offering familiar beauty brands at affordable prices. BeautySak.com has something to tickle your every fancy. They offer wide array of products for hair, nails, bath & body, make-up, fragrance, home, and for the special beau in your life.

I think what most consumers like most about BeautySak.com is the availability of their favorite brands. For me, I am able to stockpile my favorite Carol's Daughters products along with Kai, and travel accessories because I am always on the go. Additionally, one of my colleagues recently introduced me to the Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk Pudding.  The product is rather light, spreads easily among my tightly coiled hair, and smells great. My colleague likes it because it helps her coils to pop with beautiful definition. Beautysak.com offers over 10 of Carol's Daughters products. 

Beautysak.com also carries two of my other favorite brands; Phyto and Rx Skin Therapy. If any of you remember me from my days on hair boards, then you know that I am indeed a product junky. I have tried to recover on many occasions and failed miserably. Being a member of three of the most active hair boards online led me to Phyto products. Phyto works for my hair because they are moisturizing and gentle. On Beautysak.com, I find that the prices are quite competitive with mall based beauty stores minus the hustle of traffic and parking.

This post could go on forever, but I will bit adieu with my last Beautysak.com highlight; Rx Skin Therapy. I have had problematic skin on and off since puberty. Because of PCOS, I have breakouts due to hormonal imbalances. How fun right? Not. However, one brand that helps to keep my skin in balance is Rx Skin Therapy. The skin firm serum from Rx Skin Therapy helps to keep my skin dewy within the harsh Middle Eastern climates. It gives me a youthful glow which keeps many guessing my age.

Overall, BeautySak.com is my go to source for beauty products. They offer an array of products, at affordable prices with quick and convenient shopping.

Try BeautySak.com and it will forever change the way you shop for beauty products online.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions and unique to me.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Casual Fridays; What to Wear

It's 6 AM Friday morning and you're thumbing through your closet trying to decide on the attire of the day. Your office, like many offices across the world, employes the notion of "casual Friday". 

Casual Friday is the day that employers allow their employees to deviate from the standard code of dress; business professional or business casual. However, some employees are known to push the limits in regards of casual Fridays thus heading to the office with looks of celebration or AM dishevelment.  Casual Fridays can be an opportunity to display a bit of style while maintaining professional decorum. The overarching rules of casual Friday are; 

1) The pulse of the work environment drives the choice of attire.

2) Clothes should be neat, properly fitted, and without flaws.

3) The attire should maintain uniformed colors and be free of slogans.

Most importantly, remember that the work week will begin again and you want to be remembered for the work that you do, not a flawed choice of attire.

What are you wearing today?

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I do not own the right to these photos.

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