Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday; iTravel


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Loving travel pics I need that beach one in my life

Love the beach photo ms world traveler!!

Dr. G, hey lady.. A lot of things have been going on my life lately that have me thinking about all the what if's and I need to do before's. I'd really like to travel outside of the United Stated for a week. Can I join you? I'm serious, just one week in July I want to see the world before I start wishing I had.... You are so inspiring and I have definitely been following and every time you post a blog or pics of all the things you are seeing, my heart lights up, "This black girl is seeing the world." I'd like to experience this.

Thank you ladies. @portia, most definitely. I will be in the US in late July and we can go from there.nwhere would you like to go?

2012 was a banner year for you for travel! So cool, chica.

I love your pictures and updates. I have an aunt who moved to Dubai (I think) last year for a teching opportunity. I've been trying to get her to blog about her experiences but she is too busy enjoying herself!

Nice pictures! *whispers so babes can't hear me* take me with you.....

You been having some amazing travels lately doll. Love the photos.

<3 Marina

looks like such a great time! thanks for sharing these with us. :D

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