Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Parle in Paris

Good morning loves,

I believe I'm back and almost recovered from 3 weeks of travel. In my previous posts, I shared pictures from Rome and being snowed in in Little Rock, AR; such "joy" in being snowed in without electricity but carrying on....

By the time I left Rome, I declared it as my new favorite city. The architecture was simply amazing. The energy, the air, the people, and the food, all tickled my spirit like no other....until... I arrived in Paris. From the moment I landed in Paris, I knew I would enjoy this destination. 

I flew in via Little Rock, to Chicago, to London, to Paris. That wasn't my original flight plan but flights via American Airlines were exceptionally late that day. Because of their tardiness, I missed several connecting flights which put me in Paris hours behind schedule but luckily I made up for time during the latter days.

Anyway...that's another post.

Seeing and experiencing the depth of history in Paris is breathtaking. It's amazing to see such beauty, such craftsmanship, and the artistry of several hundred years. I was finally able to connect to the images and tales from grade school social studies and history. Paris has such a mix of old world charm and modern flare. 

Paris definitely does not fall short when it comes to tantalizing beverages. Everything from the tap water, hot chocolate to the wines are all satisfying. 

I was slightly disappointed in the food selections. I wanted to try authentic Parisian cuisine but I couldn't find that exact thing. There were lots of breads, cheeses, wines, and dishes with an Italian influence so I was left a bit short in that department. However, I plan to return to Paris during this summer and I will not be challenged or left short by the lack of Parisian dishes.

Overall, my trip went well and Paris is now my new favorite city.

Please enjoy more pics here

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Yes Pariii looked lovely (I just wanted to use that word) Glad you had fun.

I loved going to Paris, but didn't like their public toilets, lol

I plan to take a trip to Paris when P is old enough to remember! You know you have been traveling! I would need a vacation from the vacation!

I'm enjoying reading about your travels! I feel as though I am traveling vicariously through you =)Thanks for sharing posts and the beautiful pics here and on FB.

The food was our biggest disappointment in Paris too! I'm of the thought now that you have to pay for a really upscale meal in order to get that--that it won't be found in regular restaurants and cafes. Drinks and pastries were definitely stellar. Did you try a chocolate crepe?! I had one at Versailles: absolutely AH-MAAAZ-ING. Seriously.

Glad you had a great time, chica!

I went to Paris and Rome when I was in high school, and have always wanted to go back. But now, i'll wait until Pookah is old enough to enjoy and remember!

I found the same food problem when I was in Rome. I was looking to have this wonderful Italian explosion in my moth and it just did not happen! Now I have o make it to Paris! You have inspired me!

Happy New Year! I hope to return to Paris one day....

I LOVE Paris! Totally biased though, got engaged there. Can't wait to go back! You're right, it's absolutely gorgeous.

ooh you're making me miss paris! :)

Paris is my favorite city too. Everyone in Paris wears a scarf, I think I brought back 5 or 6! Love the city!

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