Friday, December 28, 2012

Little House Meets Little Rock

Hey loves,

The universe felt that on this past Christmas evening, I should play the part of Laura Ingalls. That's right, the universe turned Little Rock, AR into Little Houses on the Prairies. My goodness, someone wished for a white Christmas and that's exactly what they received.

It was shortly after 5:30 PM and the sun began to fall and the temperatures fell as well. Because my mother had to endure the torture of her job, we didn't have dinner until 6. The darker it became, the colder it got, then the lights begin to flicker. BOOOOOOO

The storm had arrived.

The snow fell faster than we expected but there weren't any worries because typically snow doesn't last long in LR.

Boy, we were wrong.

The storm caused trees to fall, major power outages (including us), stores were closed, gas tanks were empty, and all the hotels were filled to capacity.

It was miserable.

We have power now and all is well. Now onward to Paris in two days.

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Whoa I have not seen snow like that since the 80's...wait I am telling my age not since the 90's I meant *side eye* Can't wait to see your pics from paris have a great time and Happy New Year.

ohh wow! i mean that looks nice and all but... you're stuck at home for a few days huh!? hope you have had a great holiday so far!

@Pop Champagne I was stuck without electricity too. Overall the holiday was great.

pretty xxxx

Awwwww! That's messed up! We get that weather all the time here in MN, and much worse! The plus, is that you're on your way to Paris!! YAY!!

Glad things are looking up. Snow in AR? Crazy!

Oooo man! That's a lot of snow! Glad you guys have power now

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