Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Shonda Rhimes,

Dear Shonda,

I know this letter comes as a bit of a surprise, it's a bit random, but I have to get this off my chest. You see, I am in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, with a lot of time on my hands, a new engagement, and I finally got adjusted to my new environment... and now this - Scandal. Scandal is new to me so please bear with me while I get adjusted to this phenomena. 

Scandal is a weapon of emotional distruction and I can't take it. iCant 


Initially, I didn't jump on the Scandal wave and only heard of it via Thursday night Facebook posts and Twitter. As you know, people all over the world are fainting and selling their first born for a glimpse of this series because it's nothing less than stellar.

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For weeks upon weeks, Facebook post after post, all I read was Scandal this and Scandal that. Then, I noticed women all over America standing in line at the best boutiques trying to get their "Olivia Pope" on. I was bewildered. I didn't know "Olivia Pope" and the urgency that these women had to become her. On top of that, there was a surge in higher education, fitness, and the appeal to be this outstanding picture of shero - Olivia Pope. It was and continues to be outstanding and sheer madness gleaming as a dysfunctional marriage. iKid

Finally, I sat down by force with B, A, R, and M and watched season 1, episode 1 of Scandal. May I be honest? I wasn't quite hooked and didn't get the appeal, however since we were having a viewing party, I kept watching. Shonda, by the end of the night, I was Huck's best girl, a Gladiator for the team, and on every website trying to get my "Olivia Pope" on. Most of all, the fire between Olivia and Fitz...OMG, the passion, the organic love, and intensity are all at levels never explored. They have a love that tips beyond present boundaries. I know I shouldn't cheer for them but I do, we all do. We should really say... "hey wait, Fitz is forbidden, he's married, what about Melli" but we don't.


iCant with Melli. I just can't. 

Shonda it's so much I want to say but words can't express the genius that you've poured into this series. I love the historic parallels. I love the connections from the headlines. I can see a bit of Bill, Hillary, George W, Condi, Laura, and the rest of the gang and it tickles me to no end. I and millions of others appreciate your words, your creativity, and your willingness to revive prime time television. We love you for this.

Thanks Shonda!!

Call me sometimes, I'll send you my Google Voice number so you can call for free.

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Girl, this show is EVERYTHING!!

Getting myself together after this show is challenging. I am just left in AW. I absolutely love Olivia Pope's character both personally and professionally. I know Fitz is going to pull through but it's going to be hell getting that VP beast out of office. She's such a cu_t.

i absolutely love scandal! i was forced on the bandwagon by one of my PR professors that required us to watch scandal every thursday night! I instantly fell in love with it! i even went so far as to purchase HULUplus so i could watch the shows whenever i wanted! I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON!

I need to get on this show.. been hearing too much about it..

This show is everything and I do mean everything people look forward to watching this like they look forward to a paycheck.

@Ashley, I was forced too and now I love it. I am getting Hulu and USATV so I can watch it in real time.

@Jewel - it's so fabulous

GG - Some might say Scandal is better than a check. LOL.

I wasn't into Scandal until I decided to lock myself up in my room one Saturday to ”get rest” and the rest is history. Everytime I watch Scandal, I just keep saying ”omg the anticipation is maddening”. Fitz and Liv, that love is completely over the top and I love every bit of it! Sighs!!! Next week though.... (wipes forehead)

I am so glad that you are hooked, the writing and acting on this show is awesome! I just love the way Olivia is styled, her hair makeup...everything. I hope to see the show win several awards. I agree everything about what they are doing is so wrong but I guess we all love to see people in love maybe that's why we are rooting for the bad guys, lol.

Scandal is definitely my show! Yes you should continue to watch it. But back up....I must've missed a post. Did you say engagement?

So glad you finally are on board, this show is a beast. I wait with bated breath to curl up on h couch and watch Scandal. I.Love.It, so sad there will not be a new episode till January.

P.S. I love me some Huck too!

@Corie Yes ma'am. (Insert huge smile here)

I am hooked. I like Huck too and I certainly hope that's not him on that shot Fitz.

I love it! One of the higlights of my week. I hate loving it so much bc I know it cant possibly keep this much momentum up forever. But for now I am on for the ride!

I love scandal too! The only show I'm watching right now.

Scandal is my favorite show right now! I stan for Liv and find myself rooting for her and Fitz also. Honey, I can't with Mellie either lol.

Great post!!

Interesting! I can't get into this show (though I've only watched the first two episodes), it just doesn't do anything for me. I think I need to try again, because I am clearly the only woman in the US of A that isn't hooked. Lol.

Completely obsessed with this show too!! SO good!!

Glad to have you on board. Love this show. Good letter! Shonda deserves every bit recognition for this.

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