Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back to the Future; Low Carb Me

Hey Black Dressies,

In a few days, 2012 will be just a memory and 2013 will be in full swing. Many of us are assessing our wants, needs, and achievements as well as determining our best steps for 2013. For me, I am going back to the low carb lifestyle. Low carb eating works well for me because I have PCOS and very sensitive to sugar and carbohydrates. Therefore, to have optimal health, low carb eating is an absolute must. It's difficult when I live in a country that LOVES bread, rice, and pasta, but in 2013, I just can't.

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I initially became interested in blogging because of the low carb lifestyle and PCOS. I was on every low carb message board and found a lot of great resources that put me on the right track by using food and exercise versus medicine. One thing that helps "low carbers" stay on track is access to the right foods. Many things can be found in your local grocery, but I also found that online grocers are quite helpful. Between the local grocery and The Low Carb Grocery, planning meals is easy. Proper  planning keeps me on track while on the go as well. The Low Carb Grocery offers an array of low carb friendly foods and supplements. An interesting product that I found is powdered peanut butter. Powdered peanut butter can be constructed to make traditional peanut butter by adding water and it can also be used during baking and flavoring smoothies.

There are so many options to keep me on track to my tried and trusted low lifestyle. I can't wait to show you guys my progress as well as the recipes that I'm going to try.

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You go girl :) I plan to change up my diet as well. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

With Love,

I need to let go of this soda and red meat. Good luck to you and Happy New Year

I really wish I could do low carb but I love carbs too much. But I'm really going to try to reduce my intake in 2013.

Good luck to you! :)

Here's to eating better in the new year!!

I had a lot of success with a low carb diet for the past 5 years. This year was a bust! Too much stress, menopause induced weight gain and just lack of motivation. I wish you success with your dietary changes, hopefully I can get back in the saddle for 2013.

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