Saturday, November 3, 2012

November; 30 days of thanks

There's something about November that encourages people to reflect on the things that they are thankful for. In the blogging community, many are accepting the challenge to post daily notes of thanks and gratitude. As much as my heart wants to do this, I know my schedule plus procrastination won't allow for such; so I shall cheat a bit...and compile one post. 

Reginia's 30 items of gratitude and thanks;

  1. My spiritual connection 
  2. My mom, step-father, and late father. They are kind, gentle, smart, and giving.
  3. My sister. I have the best sister ever.

     4. My wisdom

     5. University education

     6. Acquaintances

     7. Ability to travel

     8. Home ownership

     9. Common sense

   10. An open heart

  11. The internet

  12. My PC

  13. My MacBook Pro

  14. The wisdom of my Grandma O

  15. A driver's license

  16. The option to vote

  17. My sunglass collection

  18. My coffee cup collection

  19. Starbucks

  20. Super Target

  21. Friendships

  22. My height

23. Talkatone and MagicJack Plus so I can make free calls the US.

24. The United States of America

25. Great leadership

26. Mentors

27. Other smart people

28. My blogger buddies

29. Good credit

30. The ability to be thankful and have gratitude.


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I love your list! What did you do about voting?

@Rose's Daughter - Thank you. I did an absentee ballot. OBAMA 2012. I will try to come to this inauguration as well. I will be back to back trips to the US but it's worth it.

This is such a great list and idea!

Yes, I agree...great list and idea! Got me thinking about joining in.

Love Your list..a lot of them could be mine too!!

Love your list. I don't know if I even have 30 things I know I have a good 5 though

You have put together a great list. I especially love how you're thankful for Starbucks. lol That is one item I would totally add on a list such as this one. Now...let me think of what I could add to my list.

Awesome list hunni! I think I'm going to take a page from your book and cheat as well ;-) So glad you were able to vote! #Obama2012

Awesome list...but I want to know whose hand that was?!!!!

I really enjoyed reading your list and getting to know you better!!!

Thanks ladies.

@Mimi - my sweetie.

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