Saturday, November 10, 2012

Living Abroad; Dating & Travel

Hey loves,

I hope all is well with you. Things are going well for me and I am truly getting into my experience. It's almost mid-November, President Obama was re-elected, it's almost Thanksgiving, National Day, and then the trimester will be over. We have 3 weeks off for break and I am going to travel a bit. I'm excited about my trip to Rome, then home, then finally ringing in the new year in Paris.

Within all of this excitement is a hint of sadness. My three weeks away from Abu Dhabi means three weeks away from my honey. 

You guys: YOUR HONEY

Me: Yes my honey

When I moved to Abu Dhabi, I wondered how the dating scene would be. Being that this is a Muslim and somewhat conservative country, I thought the dating process would be tough and hard to navigate. I've heard a range of tales; women dating Emirati men for riches instead of love, dating for convenience, the assumption that black women are prostitutes, being a 2nd or possibly a 3rd wife, or perhaps truly finding a life partner. Like home, in the US, the dating scene yields a variety of people and experiences. Unlike home, there is a wealth of interracial dating especially in Dubai.

I am completely open to dating across racial lines because it offers a broader pool and a greater chance of finding my Mr. I've never held to the notion that my Mr. had to be African-American therefore, I somewhat expected to date outside my race once I arrived. 

I have received a few emails from African-American women who seek employment here and inquire about dating. I always express that an open mind is needed (professionally & personally) and if you're looking for your prince to be African-American, this may not be the place to find him. There are African-American men here but not in abundance. In addition, like home, they are dating outside their race as well, or dating on the side because they are married. (Just my opinion) Therefore, I strongly encourage African-American women to become open to new dating possibilities.

Courtship in the UAE is a bit traditional and conservative. I've met a few guys and none of their approaches were overt. Each meeting was subtle and respectful which left a lot of mystery and cause to want further engagement. However, only one of the guys truly caught my eye. I would see him out often and there would be an extended greeting or slight rub on the hand and the glances between us became longer. One day, by chance, we exchanged phone numbers, texted, went on a date, and haven't been apart sense. 

Dating here is certainly not impossible. In fact, most ladies in my circle are dating or have dated. They are all open to dating men other than African American. One dated an Egyptian, a Pakistani, Indian, a guy from South America, a white British, and an Emirati. The experiences vary but being open to new experiences have afforded them and me, the opportunity for dating, romance, and love.

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Girl...look at you gettin' all boo'd up. Lol.

Girrrrll.. I am thrilled that you found a mr. there. :-D That is one of the things I too have always wondered about--black women dating in the middle east.
My cousin has been living in Dubai for 12 years and always complained about being single, but I think it's more or so her then them (I'm just sayin). It's definitely all about haveing an open mind and being open to all the posibilites. Cheers to you, hun!

Awww bless you! This is so sweet! I'm so happy that you found your guy :)

Lea x

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Get it Boo!!!! So happy for you and this new honey! Sometimes all it takes is to get out of your comfort zone and routine, you know?

And I totally did not know you were going to Paris and Rome so soon after me!!! You are going to have THE BEST time!!! Paris for New Year's-- I die. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Alright now. I love when people open their minds you just never know what's in store. Can't wait to hear more

Rome is such a beautiful and busy city!! I wish we had more then a day when we went. New Years in Paris; amazing. That was one of my favorite cities. Glad you found your love; even where you least expected to.

Alright now!!! I saw that photo and said to myself hmmmmmmmm!
I'm so happy for you!
And jealous that you're going to Rome! Have fun! Take photos!

So happy for you that you found your guy! How sweet! <3

Rome is on my life bucket list for sure...looking forward to what is going to be an amazing recap!

well, congrats to you!! that is AWESOME! and i'm all for being open-minded.

Hey girl hey!!! I'm so happy for you! I feel like we women should be open minded when it comes to dating no matter where we are. You never know the beauty that could come from something you're not used to :)

Hope all is well, darling!

I've only ever been to Dubai, but considering what an international place the UAE is, it is good to be open-minded to dating there. Hope you and your honey are doing well, and I'm jealous of your trips later this year!

Awww... This post is so sweet!!!! Love is Love & inLOVE IT!!!!! So, glad to hear that everything is working in your favor!!!! Enjoy...


How awesome doing an European trip. Love it :)

lovely blog! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

Sounds like you found Mr. Right girl and so happy for you. Truly enjoyed reading your post and your take on love and dating. It can definitely be battlefield but not impossible. So kudos to you girl on finding love.

<3 Marina

Congrats on finding love abroad, and to your happiness.

I totally agree with keeping and open mind!!!! Congratulations girlfriend.

Congratulations girlfriend. I certainly believe in keeping an open mind , but the pickings appear to be slim here in Arkansas lol

This is so awesome, I guess I should have read this post before I commented on the other one, either way I am happy for you =)

Thanks everyone.

I am so happy and IN LOVE!

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