Friday, November 23, 2012

Garderobe; Pre-loved Designer Accessories

Hey Loves,

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends. Yesterday was the first time I've been "alone" on Thanksgiving. Typically my sister and I spend the weekend together but last year I declared to do something different... and this year, different it was. I celebrated in my new home with my new love in Abu Dhabi.

This post comes as a bit of a cheat and treat. I figured I would stay in on the traditional day of Black Friday shopping because I have a weekend away next week, so last week, I treated myself to an early day of shopping in Dubai.

While out, I bumped into one of my social media pals, Alona, in Dubai and she said that she had a treat for me. Being that Alona has lived in the UAE for three years, she knows a lot about the hidden treasures in the Emirate. The treasure that she introduced me to was Garderobe Vintage & Pre-Loved Designer Wear

Garderobe is an accessory queens dream. I can't say that I'm much of a fashionista but I am an ACCESSORY-NISTA. I positively and absolutely love all accessories. I love shopping for handbags, earrings, clutches, scarfs, shoes, and all types of jewelry. Garderobe completely satisfied each one of my accessory senses.

This boutique drips in sophistication. It reminds me of a shop that I would see in Manhattan, off Rodeo, or Buckhead-Atlanta. There are a variety of designers represented; Hermes, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Gucci, and the list goes on. 

The boutique has two levels. The bottom level has a large collection of handbags, jewelry, clothing, and small selection of shoes. The upper level has a large collection of shoes, evening gowns, and a lovely changing room. Though the shop sells "pre-loved" items, I found that many of the items, particularly the shoes, were never worn or used. I saw three cute pair of LV and Prada loafers that would be perfect for work or a casual stroll in the city. Of course, the stylish shoe section did not disappoint with head-turning heels and one-of-kind kicks.

We were most gracious to the owner, Micha, for allowing her assistant to show us around the boutique  after hours. Because of her kindness and willingness to accommodate new customers, the store gets 5 stars on service. Impeccable customer service drives small business. A great selection, location, and service has made me a life long customer of Garderobe Vintage & Pre-loved Wear.

Check out more pics here.

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Oh wow!!!! Your friend introduced you to a jewel. And the shoes on that shelf....yessss!

Shopping over their seems so nice. I hate shopping but those pictures makes me want to.

I heard about the shopping in that corner of the world...such a fun day!!


I can only imagine how amazing everything is there! And also the items that make their way into this shop I bet they've been only used like 1x or 2x...with the dry know the lack of humdity won't take its toll on the handbags. Nice :)

Love the layout of the store. All those shoes and bags are gorgeous. I'm a new follower to your blog. Would love for you to check out my blog and join:

This store is everything. I can't wait to return next week.

Thanks for stopping by Delecia Segree. I will definitely follow back.

I will keep you guys posted on my new find.

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