Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Reason Why; Reginia's Passport

Have you guys ever had "one of those days" and needed to regroup to figure out the reason why...?

Today was one of those days. Our work week is Sunday - Thursday so today was the first day of a short week. For the most part it was OK, but there are a few variables that just shouldn't be. They are easy fixes from my perspective but _________________________ (insert 1000 reasons why it hasn't been corrected).

Anyway, I left work with a mean side-eye and school girl eye roll.

On my short drive home, I asked "Why am I here again?"

In Atlanta, I had a GREAT life and pretty much had everything I wanted. There were a few needed changes in the way of personal and professional experiences...which is what led me here....personal and professional change.

One of the things that this "experience" gives me is opportunity travel. Travel is the main reason that I embarked upon this "experience". Next month, I am going to Phuket, Thailand. With everything being in such close proximity, travel is relatively inexpensive and easy.

Before returning to the States, (Atlanta, then Little Rock, then DC), I am making a stop in Rome.

I am thoroughly excited about my trip to Rome. I will be there four days and the entire trip was less than $1,000. Yes to the ma'am. What a bargain! I will be sure to post lots of photos.

On the way back to Abu Dhabi, I am meeting a friend in Paris for New Years. Yep, yet another one of those "experiences" that makes some of the oddities here OK.

So, that was my mini vent for today. Thanks for listening and if any of you have traveled to Rome, let me know what I should see. 

Until next time....

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You are my traveling eyes for now. I am glad you are traveling at least that's the good out of everything.

New Year's in Paris and a pit stop in Rome?? You are so lucky and so blessed to have the opportunity to experience the world in such an incredible way. Maybe you did have a lot going in Atlanta, but at least you had the courage to fly outside of your comfort zone only to realize your ability to SOAR.

~Chymere Anais

Ooooh NYE in Paris... Jealous!

Lea x

Sounds amazing to be able to experience all these places while still young and vibrant. Many people die and never leave the US. You are blessed.

Wow... The life of a "go getter" & traveler!!!!! I am amazed at what you are doing & look forward to your pics and posts of all these pretty places!!!! Thanks for giving us a peep into your WORLD!!!!!

Just to think New Years in Paris!!!!!! Such a blessing... :-)


This is perhaps one of the best experiences ever...when in Rome do all the touristy stuff like visiting the Vatican and visiting the colesium...stand in the line to go inside...i didn't do that while I was there and regret it!

My faves in Rome were the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps area, Colosseum and the Vatican/Basilica.
Thailand is also a great place to visit. Rick Steves has great travel guides for Rome.
Thailand is also a great place to visit. Get an authentic Thai massage while you're there. Happy travels.

I missed out on a lot when we went to Rome...we were only there for a day but in 4 you will have plenty of time. Warning: the Vatican Museum is huge-we couldn't figure out how to even get out when we tried. Paris was wonderful! Enjoy your travels. It's so nice to have something like that to look forward to and keep you going.

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