Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Review Monday; Love Jones

Love Jones is my absolute favorite movie.

I typically revisit this movie 3 or 4 times per year and still watch it with the same anticipation as the first viewing. The lust, chemistry, and ultimate love been "Darius" and "Nina" made all audiences members "Jones" for love.

The pair was undoubtably attractive, smart, and displayed a vibe of urban renaissance which took their respective attractiveness to ultimate levels. Larenz Tate played the main character "Darius"; a poet and budding writer. Nia Long played "Nina" a freelance photographer who began to find her way after a recent break-up. Outside of the main storyline, the movie carried diverse themes that made the movie complete. Love Jones was released at a time in which poetry was paramount and it seemed that the hip-hop generation began to heal from "gangsta rap" and regained a love for loving.

Have you ever seen Love Jones? Isn't it one of the best movies ever?


Love this movie. Watch it over and over again

This is one of my favorite movies!

Love it tons!

I never really watched it all the way through until a couple of years ago. I would always watch parts but never say thru to watch the whole thing. It's a great movie they need to remake it or do a part 2

Love this movie! Great movie for a cold winters night.... LOL!

Oh and the soundtrack too. One of my favorites!

Love Jones is one of my favorite movies, also! The chemistry between these two was no joke. How I used to dream of a stranger reciting poetry to me at a mixer back in the day!

The Love Jones soundtrack was awesome too. I need to find my DVD so I can watch it when I get some down time.

Hold head low... I have yet to see the entire movie but always hear rave reviews!!!!


Lynn, I'm going to get your girl. When I get back to Atlanta, you WILL watch the entire movie with me. LOL

@Dre..oh how I use to dream of that dynamic too... but umm (well I'll save that for another post)

I can not believe E. Lynn has not seen this movie!!! I am really SMDH!! LOL!! This is my #2 all time favorite movie next to the MIGHTY COLOR PURPLE. I watched Love Jones the last time it came on BET a few weeks back and like you, I was all into it like it was the first time. I love me some Larenz Tate!! Man, I wish I was Nia Long just to act with him!

Definitely a movie worth watching!


def a fav of mine, Mr. Tate just kept me on edge, he was tooo cute

Love Jones is one of my favorite movies, too! If I know it is coming on tv late at night, I will stay up to watch it and I have the dvd. LOL! I don't know...something about catching it when it comes on tv makes it that much more exciting to watch. :)

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