Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mango Tomato Salsa & Fried Chicken

Hey loves,

One great thing about living in Abu Dhabi is the variety of familiar foods. On our stop for dinner, a few friends and I had cravings for fried chicken. I don't think any of us had it since we arrived in August. So of course, my favorite restaurant on the island didn't disappoint with their tender, flavorful fried chicken over a heaping bed of rice.

For good measure, I added a personal touch and a side salad.

I had to borrow this photo from because I dug in before I could snap a photo.

The Mango Tomato Salsa over fried chicken and rice is such a hit. I don't think there's a better mix of southern charm mixed with a splash of gulf freshness.

My tummy is happy.

You can find the Mango Tomato Salsa here.

When you guys come to visit me in Abu Dhabi, what are your food fancies?


I think if you can find me some good sweet tea I will be good.

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