Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oprah, Forbes, and Philanthropy

The iconic and legendary Oprah Winfrey along with billionaire philanthropists grace the cover of the 30th anniversary issue of Forbes 400. 

During the summer of 2012, Winfrey, along with several other billionaires came together for the Forbes Summit on Philanthropy in New York City.

Philanthropy is act of giving, concern, and care regarding human welfare and advancement. Philanthropy is personal choice in which an individual or group of persons donate goods, services, or monies to institutions of their choice. Each of the individuals shown in the photo above have passions regarding the causes in which they give.

Many of the billionaires are dedicated to education, eradicating diseases in under privileged countries, visual arts, and child welfare.

Giving is a personal choice and is often private. Celebrities and the wealthy have often faced harsh criticism for not "giving enough". An outside person has no right to assert such an opinion regarding the finances of others. Many give and prefer not to make an announcement because such public proclamation is not necessary. The amount of time, energy, as well as financial support given by these individuals are assets to those in need.

Before making a statement of criticism, decide on what you can do locally, nationally, or globally. 

Need a place to start;

In Atlanta, the Atlanta Diaper Relief Organization provides diapers to families in need. 

In Abu Dhabi or Dubai, Rooftop Rhythms is collecting toiletries to donate to the many labor camps throughout the Emirate. 

Be inspired; I am.

Photo credit to Michael Prince

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Giving will make you richer than you can ever know.

Thanks for this sweet post about philanthropy, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Such a sweet post and I love that you gave specific causes at the end for those who aren't sure where to donate. :)

very intresting
tks for passing from my blog


I love this cover! I have to get the magazine to read the whole story

I need to frame this cover! Such inspiration! I am trying to do more to give back.

Indeed giving is such a personal thing. It is not our job to pick apart who is giving what. I respect people who give without making it known what they are doing.

I really do need to do a better job at giving back. I think I am going to step it up during the holiday season. I also really want to get my children involved so that they know not to take anything for granted.

@Mimi - I certain agree that involving children in "giving back" is a wonderful idea.

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