Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Week in Pictures

Good Morning Abu Dhabi

Outside the St. Regis Resort

In the UAE, Miss Wendy WILL look like a national. 

Madinat Zayed Gold Souk

I found the cutest cupcake shop in the Central Souk. 
I think I'm going to do an entire post on this place. 
The place was too cute and smelled heavenly. 

Oh Ikea, how I use to love thee. 

Dear MUA, Tell me more about this place!

Starbucks brings me balance...and I needed it a few times this week.

I found a Mexican Restaurant called Cantina Laredo. 
I love Tex-Mex and this place hits the spot.

 ....the madness. This week had a whirlwind of events; housing (again), time to move out the hotel, abaya shopping, social media stalker, SWF stalker.... LOL...It's funny but NOT.

I'll share bits and pieces on the next few posts.

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Yeah the Wendy's looked weird even before I read what your wrote. Ikea yay love that place. Hope you are moving someplace nicer.

Enjoying your journey through pictures. keep em coming. I'm loving you are finding lil pieces of home (Starbucks) enjoy it :)

I would love to hear more about that cupcake place. I am greedy!

yay! *team starbucks*
The photo of Wendy's took me back for a minute, but then I was like, that makes perfect sense.
Loving seeing your journey through photos!

Great pics!!!!! Social media stalker? sounds scary!!

wonderful pics and yeah the Wendy's girl is really looking a bit different!

Stalkers? I need details. That Inglot place looks like a Sephora. Did you go in?

So exciting, except for housing issues. Can't wait to see your new place once you settle and that cute cup cake shop.

I stumbled across your blog through Pish Posh Perfect. I recently traveled to the UAE for a week and loved my stay there. While there, we met with a woman who lives in Dubai and works for Coca-Cola. Your pictures are wonderful and it's nice to hear about your experiences. Keep up the great work!

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