Friday, September 21, 2012

My Week in Pictures: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Arabian Gulf

Hey lovelies,

I'm still rolling around the United Arab Emirates making it do whatever it's suppose to do. It's been quite a ride. Getting adjusted to a new culture 8000 miles away from home is "something else". As soon as I feel a bit settled, some OTHER thing happens. It's life I guess.

The Good

There are a wide variety of foods here. I've listed them under the good but it's about to be the bad if I don't start exercising soon.

The Bad

Last weekend in Dubai I had a car accident. It was a fender bender but it stung my back a bit. I was more pissed off because ......

Well, there doesn't seem to be a safety standard regarding driving. Safety seats aren't required, speeding is excessive, the men drive so aggressively, and it's just dangerous.

Financial gluttony. This is a $33,000 cell phone. Without education (which seems to be an OPTION here) the riches won't last forever. I need to school them on what happens when you let certain sects run your fortunes.

The Indifferent

My current work assignment is a bit outside of Abu Dhabi, so this is what I get to see on the highway.

But...this is the view from my workspace.

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Until next time....

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Oh wow! That description of the driving conditions sounds scary. Please be super careful! Love the photos. And that cell phone is ridiculous on so many levels!!!!

That pizza I want right now! I think the best part of visiting different places especially countries is trying out all the food. It's too bad the driving conditions out there and that you got into an accident. Just be as careful as you possible can especially when the other drivers aren't.

thanks for the update!! Be careful!

Oh wow... I hope your back is ok. *Be SAFE* Your work scenery is beautiful! U know I thoroughly enjoy your pics. Thanks for sharing!


It looks like a beautiful place. That pizza looks like the business.

keep sharing!

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