Monday, September 10, 2012

Music Review Monday - New Edition's 30th Anniversary

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It's hard to believe that almost 30 years ago, the iconic band, New Edition, hit the music scene with their budding voices, charm, and teenaged charisma. The original five, Ronnie, Bobby, Rickey, Mike, and Ralph woo'd teen girls with their 1983 hit "Candy Girl".

In 1983, I was beginning to learn cursive writing, multiplication, and sat in Mrs. Schribner's 3rd grade glass at Wilson Elementary. Though not a teenager, my heart throbbed for Ralph. After hearing "Candy Girl", I wanted to bypass 9, 10, 11, and 12 years of age and jump right to 13 so I could be Ralph's Candy Girl. All I needed was a flipped bang, side baby hair, tight jeans, and oxford shirt with a starched collar...and I was in. (Just pure delusions of grandeur) My love, admiration, and delusion of marriage with New Edition didn't stop after Candy Girl, the fantasies continued with "Cool it Now" and "Mr. Telephone Man".
By the release of "Cool it Now" the guys had spouted mustaches, their voices deepen, and girls across the world were in love. You too? Yes! I know. I mean, who didn't want to stand on the other side of a fence hoping that Ralph would come sing. You did. Me too. Because of this video, I had a pink sweatshirt and grey mini with a big bow just like that.... but no Ralph. (insert SIGH here)
I have followed New Edition for quite some time. I have gone to every concert in every city in which I have lived. I hope they will do a few overseas dates for their 30th anniversary. I really just need them to come to Dubai so we can reconnect (delusion) once again. It would take a week or better to properly pay homage to New Edition. I've barely mentioned the early years as they have had hit after hit collectively and individually. My NE (and individual) favorites are: Candy Girl, Count Me Out, and Poison. How long have you been a NE fan? What are your favorite songs? tags: "New Edition" "New Edition Anniversary Tour" "music" "new edition 30th anniversary"


I STILL remember the first time I heard Candy Girl. I went to every New Edition concert that cane through DC! I LOVE New Edition! Even now when they come to Atlanta, I feel like a girl all over again doing the moves screaming the songs....NEW EDITION FOR LIFE!!!! ( can you tell I'm a fan??)

Way before my time lol I was a toddler in 1983. I didn't really know who they were until their last album came out I don't know what year that was then I started researching them and heard all their old albums.

Fab post hun! I just got a chance to hear them live at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion and it brought back so many wonderful memories. Great music truly transcends the test of time!

I remember listening to them as a child in my auntie's hatchback. She loved some NE! They just don't make good music like this any more!

New Edition is the best! I still stop whenever their videos come on vh1soul. The were just so insanely cute, they were our nkotb :)

30 years oh my gaaaa. whoa! Love new edition!

NE is my most favorite boy band in the history of ever! Every time they come to town, I attend their show and sing and dance along like I am still a tween!

Fun, fun! I loved me some NE! My best friend is till obsessed with them to this day. She recently went to a concert in VA. Was excited like a high schooler!

B So Chic!

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