Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's the Apps? - Smartphone Fever

Smartphone fever hit the world by storm. The leaders in smartphone mania are iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The things that make smartphones great are the Apps. "App" is the abbreviation for application. These application or Apps are used for everything; world weather & time, magazines, photo editing, international calls, fitness, and chat.

My favorite apps for my iPhone 4s are Talkatone, Instagram, Shazam, Nike Training, Dubai Calendar, Twitter, and Pic Collage.

Talkatone lets me call my family and friends from anywhere. Only downside is that they can't call me with Talkatone but they can text. Of course, Instagram is my time favorite. If you follow me, you can see all that's happening in Abu Dhabi. Oh yeah, the Instrgram pics show I've fluffed up a bit, so the Nike Training app will come in handy.

What are your favorite apps? 


Boooo I don't have a iphone I got that mess of an android but you know we coming for you all cause whatever apple has android is not far behind *insert evil laugh*

@Kita - Oh how I remember that day Instagram went from a Gated Community to Section 8 in one day due to Android. LOL... that's what Lil Duval said anyway. :)

I don't have an iPhone but I do have a iPad and I don't have many apps so I'm looking for new ones. I just adding the talkatone App you suggested. I never knew they even had that. I guess I need to browse my apps more.

I love my iphone!! and Kita knows she needs to come to the darkside!

Yep application really do make the phone. I use to work a subscription based app company right before a wide variety free programs hit the market. I love me a good app.

I am really enjoying the WAZE travel app

I need to step my app game up! I just have the basics!

I downloaded talkatone but haven't used it. Then again, I've downloaded every app I could and haven't used most of them. I plan to but ... anyway lol I love your pics on IG. I'm living vicariously through you :)


I'm completely addicted to InstaGram but you already know that right!!

<3 Marina

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Hollers at Lil Duval's comment. OMG!!!

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