Friday, August 3, 2012

The Golden Girl; Gabby Douglas

She's such a doll.

She's a record setting, Olympic Gold Medalist.

She's a model of grace, inspiration, and poise.

This young lady is beyond fantastic!


I am loving her we have not had this since dominique. I hope she continues to be a role model for our youth.

I am so proud of her. I feel like an older sister to her for some reason, lol. I just love to see a young woman shunning all statistics and doing it big!!! Congrats to her!

Finally little black girls have someone to look up to besides icky- Minaj :/
I hope she becomes an in-demand speaker.

@ Kita - I equally admire Dominique. Did you hear her interview about Gabby. It was very heart felt.

@Fashion Pad - I feel like her big sister too. I am so proud of her.

@ Gabby will be a great roll model just as Dominique has. The endorsements and scholarships will be fantastic.

@Marina - Yes she is.

i am so geeked and in awe!

so excited for what this means for her future!

gotta get my commemorative corn flakes box

SUPER proud of her! I also hope she continues to be a role model! She did the doggone thang!!

Her future is very bright. She has a super strong support system!

So proud of her! She is such an inspiration to girls of all ages. I saw D.D. interview. She was so emotional. It made me emotional to watch her cry.

she is such an inspiration, and she has the best smile. i've been trying to tell my kids her story... she really is amazing. :)

Adam ❤ Alex Mommy

Gabby is all types of amazing! All of my kids are just mesmerized by her. I love to hear her speak. She's just so full of positive energy. I'll have be purchasing my box of corn flakes, also.

Hugs and Mocha,

I like her, i love her smile!


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