Thursday, August 30, 2012

Political Girl; Misogynistic World

An election year always brings out the "best" in candidates. They showcase their idealistic views on health, education, social statuses, energy, and this year's theme, the economy. Many of these ideas are so far fetched that no one in their circles believes the rhetoric.

Within the last few weeks, politicians shared their views on the woman's womb, rape, abortion, and issues that they have absolutely no foundation for asserting suggested legislation.

Some feel that discussing politics is a No-No and should be saved for chat with friends. However, for [female] Americans and other democracies, discussing politics as well as exercising your right to vote keeps your choices about your womb just that, yours.

I support my current president. He has done well with the plate that was handed him. I do not agree with his position on a few issues particularly immigration, some portions of health care, and the economy. However, overall, he's done well.

What I'd like to assert, there are seats for the Supreme Court that may become available during the next term, your next president and that seat will plant roots for long term decisions.

Be Well.

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I've got his back too. Like you, I don't agree with everything he's done, but I think he deserves 4 more years.

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