Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Review Monday - "Redbone Girl" by Eric Benet

 This post comes on the heels of controversy surrounding Eric Benet's latest song, "Redbone Girl". Apparently the masses are up in arms about Eric's ode to the woman with a lighter hue.

You see, in the African-American community, celebrating or paying homage to "light skin" is considered offensive and a variable of self-hate. Throughout history, African-Americans, as well as other people of color, were made to feel ashamed of darker skin. With growth and acceptance, a movement of celebration aligned with darker hues and as usual, pop culture joined the ride.
Pop culture embraced Eric's previous song, Chocolate Legs, as he gave a proclamation of desire to a dark skin woman. Other artists, such as India Arie, note the beauty of one's brown skin. 
As a race of multiple hues and who have endured then became triumphant in regards to race relations, is it valid to have an argument against a song about the beauty of one's huge? 
Can one be celebrated without the assumption of discount upon the other?
Tell me what you think.


Well the redbone women can certainly have his sex addict self lolllllll

Nope, not at all... And, I never cared for Eric Bennet (sorry) S, I throw him right back! Lol!


LOL..yall are killing me with the throw him back in the sea sentiments. LMAO.

Ladies 2 Eric 0

Can Eric be great?

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Never did like Eric and don't he have some type of addiction. It's a big thing in our community and it has not changed much we just keep it a little more hush hush these days.

LOL Eric 0 / Ladies 3

He claimed to have had an addiction to sex.


Ummm. I'm gonna have to say no to Eric Benet, period. Looks like all of us are throwing him back!

Well, Eric, the ladies have spoken, you get a big fat no. Sorry. Maybe someone will roll through and give you some props. IDK

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