Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Review Monday - "Cooking with Carolyn"

Today's video is a two fold delight; music to my ears and music to my soul. 
I found "Cooking with Carolyn" last summer as I looked for a new potato salad recipe. I happened upon her video for grilled potato salad and instantly became a fan. 
I've been without a kitchen for a month or so, therefore I haven't had a chance to cook anything. The most the hotel offers is room service and the food court in the adjoining mall. Can we say "over it"? So, it prompted me to look at my favorite YouTubers and I selected Carolyn's Channel. 
Carolyn has such a great spirit and makes a variety of mouth watering dishes. Her channel is fun to watch, engaging, and informative.
As a self-appointed foodie and kitchen scientist, I highly suggest taking a spin over with Carolyn. You'll be glad that you did.
For more information, see Carolyn on Youtube or via her Facebook Fan Page.
All pictures are via Cooking with Carolyn.
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I have heard of her and watched a couple of her videos my facebook is down right now but I will be fanning her page. She needs a show on foodnetwork stat

I am not familiar with Carolyn, but I will definitely check out her videos. Thank you for sharing her recipes. Sweet potato cobbler sounds amazing.

@Kita - You know I'm going to work on you to do a video. You recipes would be a huge hit.

@Brandi - You are really going to enjoy Carolyn, both of you have similar presentations regarding lifestyle elements.

I never heard of her but I will be checking her out now. I love to cook and try new recipes.

Thanks for posting about Carolyn. I'm trying to add new recipes to my list. The family is tired of the same dishes "over and over." *side eye*

Hugs and Mocha,

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